Qianxi Rural Commercial Bank huaxi branch to carry out anti-robbery emergency drill

2022-07-01 0 By

In order to enhance the safety awareness of employees, further strengthen the ability to deal with emergencies and improve the safety prevention level of the branch.Recently, Qianxi Rural Commercial Bank Huaxi branch organized all staff to carry out anti-robbery emergency drill.In order to ensure the effectiveness of the drill, a detailed anti-robbery emergency response plan was formulated before the drill, and specific arrangements were made on the drill content, division of roles and matters for attention.Drill, an employee as a hand-held tool “criminals” is being dealt with “customer” of the business within the business hall robbed, facing the emergency, ctively huaxi district branch employees, according to the emergency response plans, calm, rationally deal with “gangster” persuasion, and emergency evacuation customer properly protect the safety of money quickly, looking for appropriate time to call the police,Finally, with the cooperation of many parties, the “gangster” was successfully subdued, ensuring the safety of funds and personnel.This drill, the process links closely, achieved the expected results.Participants in the drill said that through the drill, they have deepened their impression of handling various emergencies, exercised their ability of not being surprised and doing things in a calm manner, strengthened their awareness of safety precautions, ensured the personal safety of customers and employees and the bank property from loss, and provided a strong backing for the healthy development of the branch business.Correspondent Huang Weishun editor Xiong Ying Lv by school inspection Wang Yun editor Chen Ganxi