Only publicly in December!Princess Sun danfei has announced that she will marry her athlete boyfriend in May

2022-07-01 0 By

South Korean actress Sohn Dan-fei, 38, has rarely been seen on the screen in recent years. In December last year, it was reported that she was dating former Pop star Lee Kyu-hyuk, 43, and the two have been dating for about three months.While everyone was expecting good news soon, Princess Sun danfei did not disappoint, announcing today that she will get married in May, and the company has confirmed the good news.Today, Princess Sun danfei announced her wedding news through personal IG in a handwritten letter. She said she had a man she hoped to spend the rest of her life with. When she was with him, she would become the most real and laugh constantly.So in May, she will marry the man who taught her what happiness is.She would like to thank her fans for supporting her since her debut, and she feels so happy to be surrounded by the support of all the people she loves.After marriage, Princess Sun danfei will continue to work hard to show a better look for everyone.Finally, she told us that the weather has become cold recently, so we should be careful of catching a cold, I hope you can have a good day today.Sun danfei’s agency later confirmed that she will get married on May 13, with her boyfriend Lee Kyu-hyuk, whom she has recognized for the first time since entering the industry.But the wedding will be held in a closed ceremony somewhere in Seoul as the outbreak is not yet fully contained.Since she fell in love with Lee kyu-hyuk in December, Sun has been in a high profile relationship, even sharing a photo of them kissing in matching costumes on New Year’s Eve.The entertainer-athlete pair, who are five years apart in age, grew from friends to lovers as they shared a love of golf.And to see the idol so happy appearance, the fans are very pleased, for the wedding news is jubilant, have blessed the two can be happy to grow old.