Lu Tingrui: The Lantern Festival lyrics (group of 5 poems) Yuan Evening happy gao Tingyu sprint speed skating won

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Today, the red moon is round, and the spring breeze is warm.Red light hanging surface such as peach, couplets, Hua Zhang yong Hua Nian.Tangyuan overflowing in the air, China celebrate laughter loud.Chang ‘e Wu Gang with thirteen, three jie space do yan.Although early spring green river south bank, the north cold spring.Soldiers guard the frontier.To protect the security of the family and the country.The Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was magnificent and praised by the people’s Olympics.Ice and snow bodybuilding charm, success frequently played triumph.(3) A bay of blue water babbling, ten rainbows flying north and south.White sail little far shadow, li Weng on the rhyme sing late.Black birds dancing on the beam, mud nest before the eaves.Clear friends bursts of fragrance to send, calling warbler flying flowers yan.(four) qiongchuang full invite jade plate, double eyes to see two never tired.The ice wheel early into the blue water, the moon and the earth.Year after year yuan Xi month like before, each year different rings add.Time shallow east passing water, seize the day and night mo.Lantern Festival night as day, the bright moon lights are still.Tangyuan fragrance floating in space, China thirteen homesickness.Chang ‘e Shu sleeve Wu Gang wine, reward three jie to adhere to.The exploration of the universe is endless, looking forward to the triumph of half a year.2022.2.13 Yen Evening carefree article/Rudingri tonight happy and happy, tonight the lamp wheel hangs high.Tonight is decorated, tonight is loud laughter.Today evening starlight bright, Lantern Festival fragrance filled the air.Yuanxiao is fragrant today.Today evening lantern riddles couplets numerous, today evening Kyushu reunion sleepless.This year’s first month is destined to be extraordinary, this year’s first month.Shenzhou thirteen space spring, Chang ‘e Wu Gang accompanied to enjoy.Thanks to God for the success of the Winter Olympics despite the global pandemic.The wisdom of a big country is once again evident.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was magnificent, and low carbon environmental protection technology was praised by the world.As scheduled, the athletes came to the ice and snow field to strive for success.Raise a glass to invite a total celebration ceremony, from now on together year after year.Ice wheel early in the blue wave mirror, the moon and the earth.Cold in the heart but feel warm, crisscross road clean guest bursts of incense stroke.Bright today look at tomorrow’s China, a riot of spring infinite.On February 12, 2022.Gao Tingyu won the gold medal in sprint track speed skating/Lu Tingrui won the gold medal in China sprint.Sweat swing ice crystal path, gorgeous youth bloom brilliance.Feb. 13, 2022 (Written by: Association of Poets)