Beijing Municipal Health Commission: The 18 hospitals designated to treat the Olympic-related patients were classified

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Beijing 2022 Press Center held a special press conference on Beijing city service guarantee on February 5.People’s Daily Online reporter Bao Congying Beijing February 5 (reporter Bao Congying) “The Winter Olympics has begun, the Capital’s health system will live up to its mission, to provide professional, high-quality and efficient medical services for athletes and friends from all over the world.”A press conference was held at the Beijing 2022 Press Center on February 5 to introduce Beijing’s measures to provide high-quality urban services for the Winter Olympics in the face of epidemic prevention and control.According to Wang Jianhui, deputy director and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission will coordinate all kinds of medical resources in the city and do its best to provide medical care for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.”Ice and snow sports are high-risk sports, and athletes have a high probability of injury. Timely, scientific and effective medical treatment is a strong guarantee for the success of the Winter Olympics.”According to the requirements of the prevention and control policies of the Winter Olympics, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, in collaboration with the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, has classified the winter Olympic-related patients into five categories: confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients, patients with fever within the closed loop, patients with fever outside the closed loop, and patients with fever outside the closed loop.At the same time, we adjusted and optimized the tasks of receiving and treating patients in designated hospitals, and 18 designated hospitals treated patients according to their specific categories to avoid overlapping routes of patients with different risks.There will be more than 2,100 medical professionals in designated hospitals to provide timely and efficient medical services.Beijing also has 60 municipal experts and 10 academicians to provide high-level technical support.In order to give full play to the advantages of professional disciplines and provide medical treatment capabilities, designated hospitals have developed a medical security scheme of “one hospital, one policy”.Yanqing Hospital of The Third Hospital of Peking University has transformed a 12,000-square-meter independent ward building into a Winter Olympics medical center, with 72 beds, equipped with CT and MRI equipment, operating rooms, nucleic acid sampling, and fever clinic.A total of 104 beds in Beijing Anzhen Hospital were evacuated and transformed into a special area for the Winter Olympics, creating a seamless green channel for the Winter Olympics and a closed loop for medical treatment.The People’s Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital and Beijing Shijitan Hospital have adjusted their hospital layouts, set up special wards, equipped with special CT and nuclear magnetic equipment, and built negative pressure hybrid operating rooms to provide strong guarantee for medical treatment during the Winter Olympics.Beijing has also built a 1,500-square-meter general clinic for the Beijing Winter Olympics Village and 1,658 square-meter general clinic for the Yanqing Winter Olympics Village, equipped with 18 disciplines covering emergency medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, imaging, traditional Chinese medicine and dentistry, respectively, to guarantee the medical treatment of out-patient, emergency, rehabilitation and other hospitals.Medical staff from Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, China Rehabilitation Research Center, Beijing First Aid Center and other medical institutions have been deployed to the clinics to meet the needs of basic outpatient service for 16 hours a day and emergency treatment for 24 hours a day.