Amazing!The original cat sleep place, and the owner of the relationship

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Cats are emotionally reserved animals and do not express their feelings directly.So how do you know how cats treat you?In fact, it can be seen from the place where the cat sleeps. I have to say, it’s really amazing that the original place where the cat sleeps has a relationship with its owner!If your cat likes to sleep at the door of your house or house, it means that it likes its owner and the house. Why?Because your cat has taken your home as his home and you as a family, so he always sleeps in the door, because this way he can timely know the changes around him, he wants to protect the home, to protect the owner.2. In the cat house If the cat always sleeps in the cat house prepared by its owner, it shows that it is independent and trusts its owner.The cat nest is the cat’s most regular sleeping place, the cat can sleep in the cat nest, it shows that its heart is enough sense of security, can be very independent, it believes that the owner will not abandon it, will also protect it, this is the love of the cat will grow up to some performance oh.3, at the owner’s feet I don’t know if you have noticed, when you are watching TV or working, the cat always likes to stay at your feet, when sleepy, it is very natural to fall asleep at your feet, this shows that the cat is very like clinging to you.Some cats may also like to smell your feet, shoes, socks to fall asleep, and cats are so “heavy taste”, because love you, smell familiar smell, will let it feel at ease, comfortable, can sleep.4. On top of the Cabinet If your cat likes to sleep on the top of the cabinet, be aware that he is alert to his surroundings and does not trust his owner.Because from the top of the cabinet, you can overlook everything, and when there is any danger or change, the cat can react and protect itself, because the cat doesn’t really consider this place as his home yet.If this happens to your cat, you need to spend more time with him or her, and reward him or her with occasional treats while interacting with him or her to make him more receptive.5, in bed some cats like to climb on the master’s bed to sleep, because the master’s bed is very comfortable, warm, but also the smell of the owner, can let the cat sleep comfortably, peace of mind, this means that your relationship is very good, the cat love you, very dependent on you.Because lean against you, smell your smell, let the cat very secure, can sleep soundly.Many cats also sleep in their owner’s bed when they’re home alone, because they miss you by your smell as if you were there for them.If your cat likes to sleep on a dining table or chair, it shows how important you are to him. He loves you and treats you as family.That’s why he wants to be with you all the time, including when you eat and when he sleeps.But some cats like to sleep on the table, may be to facilitate the first time to ask for food, but a lot of human food is not suitable for cats to eat, so pet owners do not randomly feed it oh, or easy to lead to cat hair, tears and other problems, serious, may also endanger life.For the sake of the cat’s health, it is recommended to choose a comprehensive high-quality cat food as the staple food.Conclusion: Where does your cat like to sleep most?Feel free to post your pictures in the comments section