“This may be the battle of retirement” gao Bo hinted and chiefman will retire after finishing?

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On February 20th, at 1am in Saudi Arabia, WWE will once again try to win the WWE world Championship. It is no small feat to challenge for the title so often at his age, considering he is the oldest current WWE legend.On social media, the WCW icon admitted his trip to Saudi Arabia was “bittersweet.”He said in a video that his fight with Romanman could be the last of his career: “I’m gopper now, 55 years old, and yes, after a 13-hour flight [to Saudi Arabia], I was the first person to go to the gym.Second, the best narrator in the world…Michael Cole.I have a game to play on Saturday.This could be my last WWE fight.Tune in and watch me smash Roman to pieces like I’ve been doing for the last 20 years.Thank you.”WWE originally scheduled the over-the-shoulder fight at Wrestlemania 36 in 2020.But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Roman withdrew from Black Sheep instead of defeating Gopper.After being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018, it was as if Gorber would never compete in the WWE again.However, a year later, WWE recalled Gorber again for the 2019 Super Rivalry Series, only to lose against the Undertakers.Since then, he has defeated Dov Ziegler (Summer Fever 2019), The Evil Bray Bad Girl (Super Fight 2020) and Bobby Leslie (Crown 2021).Gauber also lost matches with Black Sheep (Wrestlemania 36), Drew MacIntyre (Royal Battle 2021) and Alai (Summer Mania 2021).Gorber also said last week on SmackDown that he would beat Roman and fight Brocklesner at Wrestlemania 38.It’s either Roman versus Boo at Wrestlemania, or Gabe versus Boo. Which is more attractive?