The seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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Habit 1: BE PROACTTVE Taking initiative, taking responsibility for your past, present, and future actions, and making decisions based on principles and values rather than emotions or external circumstances.Proactive people are the agents of change, abandoning the role of passive victims and blaming others.Using four unique human gifts — self-awareness, conscience, imagination and independent will — to create change from the inside out and face everything positively.They choose to create their own life, which is the basic decision of every human being.Habit # 2: BEGINWITH THE END IN MIND all things are created twice — first IN THE MIND and then IN substance.When individuals, families, teams and organizations plan, they begin by creating a vision and goals from which they can shape the future and be fully committed to the principles, values, relationships and goals that matter most to them.For an individual, family, or organization, a mission statement is arguably the highest form of vision. It is the fundamental decision that dominates all other decisions.At its core, leadership is about creating a culture based on shared mission, vision and values.Putting FIRST THINGS FIRST is actually creating. It’s the organization and practice of dreams (your goals, vision, values, priorities).Minor things don’t have to come first, and important things don’t have to come second.Regardless of the urgency, individuals and organizations need to focus more on what’s important, and the point is to put what’s important first.Win-win thinking is a framework and intention based on mutual respect and seeking reciprocity. The purpose is to share more opportunities, wealth and resources, rather than hostile competition.A win-win situation is neither selfish (win or lose) nor beneficial (win or lose) to others.Our work partners and family members need to think in terms of interdependence.Win-win thinking encourages us to solve problems and assist individuals to find reciprocal solutions. It is a sharing of information, power, recognition and reward.When we stop trying TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD, and become more intent on understanding and listening TO others, real communication and relationships can begin.After the other party has been understood, they will feel respected and recognized, and then let down their psychological guard and talk calmly, and both sides will understand each other more smoothly and naturally.It takes kindness to know and courage to understand, and a balance between the two can greatly improve the effectiveness of communication.Habit 6: SYNERGIZE Is about creating a third alternative, not my way, not your way, but a third and better way.It is the result of mutual respect — not only understanding each other, but even complimenting each other on their differences, appreciating how each other solves problems and seize opportunities.Individual strength is the basis of the team and family integration, which can make the whole achieve greater results than two.”SHARPEN THE SAW” is about constantly renewing yourself in THE four fundamentals of life: physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social/emotional.This habit improves the efficiency of the other six habits.For an organization, habit 7 provides vision, renewal and continuous improvement so that the organization does not become old and tired and moves on to a new path of growth.For families, habit 7 improves family efficiency with each passing day through regular personal and family activities.