Guizhou has just released the latest information on epidemic prevention and control

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According to the Health Commission of Guizhou Province, seven novel coronavirus positive cases were reported in Chengdu of Sichuan province on February 20. There are now five medium-risk areas. The transmission chain of the epidemic is not clear at present, and the prevention and control situation is grim and complex.On February 20, a confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is linked to Hohhot.In order to effectively control and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, we would like to offer the following tips based on the characteristics of the epidemic in China.I. Residents staying in areas affected by local epidemics are requested to abide by local epidemic prevention and control regulations and cooperate with relevant departments to implement epidemic prevention measures.Those who plan to return to Guizhou in the near future, especially those who travel from affected areas or have the same travel path as the case, are advised to take the initiative to declare their health on the “Guizhou Health Code” in advance, and to carry a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.If serious consequences are caused by concealment or false report, relevant responsibilities will be investigated according to law.During the trip, please wear masks in a standardized manner, adhere to regular prevention and control measures such as frequent hand washing, regular ventilation, and social distancing, and properly store tickets for future inquiries.2. Starting from February 20, the prevention and control measures of “14-day centralized quarantine, 14-day home health monitoring and 12 nucleic acid tests” have been strictly implemented for people returning to Guizhou from Chengdu City of Sichuan Province and Bayannur City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which are currently at high risk of the epidemic and have been subsequently announced.Since February 6, has a history of living in chengdu city, sichuan province, on Feb. 12, since has a history of bayinnaoer city in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, or other cities with positive patients report (including low risk area) to return to guizhou, must hold within 48 hours of nucleic acid testing negative proof and health codes for “green code”, after arrived in guizhou classification to carry out the “three days two inspection measures.The above measures will be adjusted in light of the local epidemic situation.3. It is the Spring Festival travel rush and there is frequent movement of people. It is recommended that people come back to Guizhou with a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and take another nucleic acid test within 48 hours after arrival.”Point to point” flows until the results are available.At the same time, people from outside the province are requested to carefully monitor their health for 14 days after arriving in Guizhou, and avoid going to crowded places, participating in gathering activities and taking subway, bus and other public transportation during this period.In case of suspected symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, loss of smell, loss of taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea, people should wear masks immediately and go to the nearest fever clinic. They should not take subway, bus or other public transportation on the way.Iv. The epidemic situation in some regions of China is still severe and complex. The general public is advised to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation and refrain from traveling to medium-high risk areas and counties (cities, districts and banners) in the prefecture-level cities (cities, districts and banners) where medium-high risk areas are located.If you really need to travel, please search the “State Council Client” mini program on wechat/Baidu/Alipay to check your destination’s epidemic prevention and control policies and measures in advance and strictly implement them.They should adhere to good daily habits such as wearing masks scientifically, washing hands frequently, maintaining safe social distancing, and effectively enhancing personal protection awareness. They should immediately report, see a doctor, and self-isolate when they have suspected symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and loss of smell (taste) sensation.V. Novel Coronavirus vaccine is the most economical and effective means for the prevention and control of COVID-19, which can effectively reduce the incidence of severe illness and death.At present, Our province is actively promoting the novel Coronavirus vaccine booster shot and the vaccination of young age groups. Those eligible for vaccination should take the initiative to receive the vaccine as soon as possible and at the nearest place.Article: Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Hu Jialin