Dongliao County Liaoheyuan Sino-German modern agricultural Industrial Park fruit and vegetable greenhouses thick spring

2022-06-30 0 By

Now is the warm and cold season, but liaoheyuan Sino-German modern agricultural Industrial Park in the fruit and vegetable greenhouse is full of spring breath, green tomato seedlings, bright red strawberries, showing vitality.Walking into the greenhouse of Zhongde Modern Agriculture Co., LTD., you can feel the fragrance of earth and fruits and vegetables everywhere. The greenhouse on the high shelf is warm and bright, and the seedlings are more green.In the greenhouses, peasant workers are carefully removing green leaves, picking strawberries and putting them into packaging boxes.A busy figure, a piece of green shoots, contains farmers to increase income, agricultural efficiency of confidence and hope.Intelligent greenhouse greenhouse is also installed in the Internet of things control system, automatic control equipment to the integration of water and fertilizer irrigation and air temperature and humidity, light comprehensive analysis, so that crops have a good and suitable growth environment.Intelligent greenhouse not only improves the “gold content” of the land, but also becomes a “treasure shed” for farmers to increase their income. Many villagers rely on greenhouse to achieve employment at home and create a happy life with their hands.It is understood that liaoheyuan Zhongde Modern agriculture Industrial Park covers an area of more than 210 acres, there are 10 intelligent greenhouse greenhouses, 13 cold sheds, mainly rotating strawberry persimmon, leaf vegetables and strawberry three crops,Liaoheyuan Zhongde Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. continues to promote the industrial scale of greenhouse planting, and at the same time, relying on fruit and vegetable greenhouse planting base to establish cooperative relations with markets and supermarkets, forming the integration of production, supply and marketing, smooth sales channels, for the development of characteristic agriculture in our county has played a good demonstration role.Dongliao Rong Media Center editor: Li Samarium