4 hours with water rush repair!I didn’t waste water for one minute

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Still have one day is New Year’s Eve, conduit breaks suddenly, can affect the festival water of 4 small areas around?At the critical moment, water emergency repair personnel decided to take water operation, do not delay the household water.On January 30, at no. 34 Weigong South Street, Tiexi District, there was water on the road and it froze quickly, and the water was getting bigger and bigger.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Liu Shucheng, deputy director of the pipe network management center of Shenyang Water Group, received the dispatching instruction and immediately organized 8 workers to rush to the scene.After arriving at the scene, the third team of emergency repair of pipe network management Center confirmed through excavation that the water leakage was caused by the fracture of DN300 cast iron pipe.The temperature outside this morning was around minus 18 degrees Celsius, and the water was quickly forming ice.In addition to the water leakage point next to the pole obstacle, the operation surface can not be expanded.Tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve, residents are at the peak of water consumption, in order to ensure the normal water consumption of residents, Liu Shucheng decided to use uninterrupted water operation, in the diameter of less than one meter in the operation area dug a pit about 1.9 meters deep.Two emergency repair personnel jumped into the icy water, in order to find the leak as soon as possible, emergency repair master directly kneeling in the water work.After the continuous operation of the repair team, less than 12 o ‘clock, the problem of water leakage was solved.It only took 4 hours from receiving the dispatch order to finishing the maintenance.After the emergency repair, Liu instructed workers to deice the road and spread nine bags of snow melt agent to help it melt.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the pipe network management center has developed a water supply emergency repair emergency plan, at any time to deal with sudden water leakage time, to ensure a safe and stable water supply during the Spring Festival.Shen Daily all-media reporter: Zhang Xiaoning Photography: Li Hao Video: editing Li Qianhui editor: Shi Haibo Responsible editor: Fu Guiming