Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty once said something that made Cao Cao sweat and kneel down on the ground. What did he say?

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Many of us have had a humiliating experience that we can’t bear to look back on.Even if it is a unified north, swallowing thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, Cao Cao is no exception.In the first year of Jian ‘an (196), Cao Cao welcomed Emperor Xian of han and went to Xuchang.Never thought, should have unlimited scenery of him, but was “scolded” by the son of Heaven, was scared to sweat, kneeling on the ground, repeatedly beg for mercy, this just picked up a life.According to the empress Jixia, The Book of the Later Han, Cao Cao felt a little high after he had done sakong.Therefore, when Cao Cao met emperor Xian of han, the latter said to him: “If you can help me well, high officials and high wealth will naturally be waiting for you.But if not, we’ll part.”Hearing this, Cao Cao turned pale with fright and knelt on the ground to apologize.Outside the palace, he was drenched in sweat.Then, what power does this sentence of Emperor Xian of Han have that can make Cao Cao, who is in charge of a heavy army, feel so afraid?The threat of the sentinels of Hu Ben may be that Cao Cao’s performance did not fit his future “domineer” image. Fan Ye explained in the Book of the Later Han that when the three princes presented themselves to the emperor, they would stand beside two rows of Hu Ben guards with weapons.As we all know, the son of Heaven must be very protective.That tiger Ben wei in the end what the head, can take the sword open and majestly appear in the palace?This has to mention the Han Dynasty praetorian guard system.As early as the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, there were special “Qimen” in the palace to maintain the palace ban.When Emperor Ping of Han ascended the throne, he renamed it “Hu Ben”.”Tiger Ben” the original “tiger Ben”, meaning yu Hu Ben wei in the guard, all such as the tiger general brave, they fearless death, loyal to run for the son of God, so famous, by the world fear.As a result, the later “Hu Ben Wei”, gradually became the palace guards collectively or the general name.According to the records in the Book of The Han Dynasty, Huben Wei in the Han Dynasty had several characteristics: first, they were brave and powerful, and the number of more than a thousand people was enough to allow them to do whatever they wanted in the palace;Secondly, hu Ben has the right to execute soldiers, soldiers, punishment, punishment, it can be seen that under the permission of the son of Heaven, they also have certain power to enforce the law.Therefore, this guard could carry swords with it, and had the power to execute punishments on courtiers who came to the palace at the command of the Emperor.It can be foreseen that Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty shouted at this time: “I take the treasures from you!”Cao Cao, caught off guard, will be beheaded immediately.In the face of life danger, even if Cao Cao again arrogant and domineering, this time can only be soft.With cao Cao’s temperament, he knew well that “as long as there are green hills, there is no fear of firewood.”So Cao Cao promptly apologized to Emperor Xian of Han and got down on the ground to show his humility.After Cao Cao left the palace, recalling the incident, he was afraid and broke out in a cold sweat.His this reaction, just confirmed one thing: Han Xian emperor just now to Cao Cao already gave birth to kill heart.As for this, some people may feel strange: Emperor Xian of han was “invited” by Cao Cao to Xu Capital, indicating that he was in the latter’s control.In this case, how can Emperor Xian of Han rely on Hu Ben wei to pose a fatal threat to Cao Cao?When Emperor Dong Chenghan threatened Cao Cao, he said, “If you help me well, you will have high officials and high salaries waiting for you.But if not, we’re out of here.In fact, the son of Heaven’s light words, but also implied: he Han Xian emperor, can find someone at any time to replace Cao Cao.This man was none other than Dong Cheng.Influenced by the novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms, many people believe that Dong Cheng was a loyal and reliable civil servant who cared about his country and people.But in official history, this man was a warlord with ruthless tactics;Not only that, Dong Cheng was also born in liangzhou Army, once niu Fu (Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law) department general.After Dong Zhuo was killed, Li Jue and Guo Si held the emperor’s coup.Unable to bear the humiliation, Emperor Xian managed to return from Chang ‘an to Luoyang by all means.In the process, dong Cheng, who had previously been neglected, seized the opportunity to escort Emperor Xian back to the east and was named General of Anji.However, in addition to Dong Cheng, there were other warlords such as Yang Feng, Zhang Yang, Li Le and Han Siam, all of whom were Dong Cheng’s “competitors”.During this time, Cao Cao sent his cousin Cao Hong to meet the Son of Heaven.However, Dong Cheng and his men were afraid that Cao Cao had come to claim credit. So they did not immediately agree to follow Cao Hong.But it didn’t take long for Dong To change his mind. On the one hand, Before dong Zhuo retreated to Chang ‘an, he had burned down Luoyang. Facing the ruined capital, Emperor Xian and all the civil and military officials were faced with the problem of food and clothing.Dong Cheng, on the other hand, was losing ground in the struggle for power with other warlords, and he was in desperate need of help from outside forces.According to the biography of Dong Zhuo in The Book of the Later Han Dynasty, After Han Siam was awarded by Emperor Xian, he became more and more reserved and proud, and began to intervene in the government, which caused many people’s dissatisfaction.Dong Zhuo feared that he might threaten his position, so he used a tactic to “drive away the tiger and swallow the Wolf”.Soon after, he secretly summoned Cao Cao to Luoyang and drove out Han Siam, Zhang Yang, Yang Feng and others.Cao Cao, supported by Dong Cheng, also entered the court and succeeded in welcoming Fengtian Son into Xu.Of course, Dong Cheng and other ministers also followed the Emperor to Xudu.This means: jian an early years of the court, is not Cao Cao’s “yiyantang”.As an early seniority, Dong Cheng made great achievements in the east return of Emperor Xian, and was also the father of Emperor Xian’s Concubines dong Guiren.In the court, he not only kept close contact with some courtiers, but also was trusted by Emperor Xian of Han dynasty.In addition, hu Ben wei, which was used by Emperor Xian to threaten Cao Cao, was probably supported by Dong Cheng.You know, Emperor Xian of han had been a “puppet” since he ascended the throne.How, then, did he have the chance to form a sleeping guard to protect himself?As a consort, Dong Cheng was entitled to lend emperor Xian some soldiers to protect him.Therefore, the tentacles into the harem of Dong Cheng, has been fully qualified and Cao Cao to compete.After he welcomed the Son of Fengtian, Cao Cao was honored as Siong and ranked among the three duke. Although he was now enjoying great fame, the words of Emperor Xian made it clear to him that if he continued to domineer, Emperor Xian could replace him with Dong Cheng.Knowing this, Cao Cao had to submit to Emperor Xian of han.To his surprise, Emperor Xian of han took the matter lightly and did nothing to Cao Cao.So, he in the end is out of what consideration, did not continue to cao Cao?Why Don’t You Move Cao Cao Although The Words of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty were very ugly, he knew very well that Cao Cao could not move for a while.There are two main reasons for this: First, Cao Cao did not become a minister in the first year of Jian ‘an (196).Before that, Cao cao’s friend Ding Chong once commented on him: “You always have the ambition of Kuangzuo.”This is the main reason why Xun Yu, a loyal official of the Han Dynasty, was willing to serve Cao Cao.In addition, Cao Cao’s wind evaluation is also very good.Although he was the second eunuch, he did a lot of commendable things after he entered the imperial court.According to the book of Wei in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms, dou Wu and Chen Fan conspired to kill eunuchs in the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty, but the eunuchs were liquidated immediately because of the disclosure of information.Cao Cao was so impressed by their actions that he sent a letter to Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty, denouncing the eunuchs and requesting that Chen Fan and others be vilified.It was this act that made many courtiers change their opinion of him.This is because: after the murder of Chen Fan, although many famous people in the Court felt very angry, but because of the disaster of partisan Prohibition, they could not speak directly.Cao Cao, a wise man, chose to overturn Chen Fan’s case at this time. Although it did not have any effect, it showed that he stood with these famous people in his political opinion.In addition, Cao Cao also secretly assassinated the notorious eunuch Zhang Rang, leading to his success not only with the eunuch group split, to successfully get rid of the “castration left ugly” reputation, but also let a lot of qingliu celebrities gave birth to his good impression.Taiwei Bridge xuan and famous man he yong, also had praise for Cao Cao.Affected by this, some ministers believe that Cao Cao is a warm-blooded and promising young pure minister.Therefore, Cao Cao did not cause the han Xian emperor and other courtiers fear.Therefore, There was no need for Emperor Xian to kill Cao Cao.Secondly, Emperor Xian of the Han dynasty valued the balance in the court.Cao Cao and Dong Cheng, one fighting in the outer world, the other guarding the harem, were clearly distinct from each other, but they checked and balanced each other.Although Cao Cao was an ambitious man in the eyes of Emperor Xian, he was also afraid of Dong Cheng.On the one hand, during the Han Dynasty, there were frequent examples of consort interfering in political affairs. Dong Cheng was a warlord from Liangzhou and was already in control of military power. Without the restriction of Cao Cao, he would have controlled the political affairs by dint of consort status.On the other hand, Dong Cheng of liangzhou army background is not a “good old man”.According to empress Jixia, The Book of the Later Han dynasty, When Dong Cheng saw that empress Fu was carrying some property and cloth, he ordered his men to seize it directly. The chambermaids around the queen tried to stop her, but they were killed, and the blood spilled on the queen.How could Dong Cheng’s bandit style convince Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty?By contrast, cao Cao, who was still deferential to Emperor Xian of Han, was more pleasing to the eye.He not only maintained the face of Emperor Xian, but also promptly sent him food and various materials.Even if Cao Cao later showed some arbitrary power, Han Xian emperor also just gave him a Xiama wei, and did not carry out practical punishment to him.Unfortunately, Emperor Xian of Han did not expect that Cao Cao would increase his power several times in just a few years.When he recovered, he found himself “a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.”So, cao Cao is how in a short time, will firmly control the government in their hands?From the first year of Jian ‘an (196) to the fifth year of Jian ‘an (200), Cao Cao did not focus on the struggle for power and profit, because he understood a truth: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”Dong Cheng was able to compete with Cao Cao not only because of his relative status, but also because of his military power.Jian an early years of Cao Cao, only control a state, strength is not much strong.At that time, there were other warlords in the Central Plains, such as Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, Gongsun Zan, Tao Qian and heishan Army, all of whom had the strength to arm cao Cao.So in the following years, Cao Cao mainly did two things: one was to seize territory and continue to build up strength;The other is to deal with other enemies and take their men and horses for their own use.At that time, Cao Cao held a high position in politics.With the name of great justice in mind, Cao Cao successfully solved the problems of Yuan Shu, Heishan Army, Lu Bu and other henchmen, and successively brought Into his hands Yuzhou, Xuzhou and Sizhou.During this period, in order to accumulate strength, Cao Cao also ordered people in the promise of tuntian, then harvested millions of dendrobium food.Because of this, Cao Cao was able to increase in strength in just a few years.By the fifth year of Jian ‘an (200 years), Cao Cao was already vaguely able to confront Yuan Shao.With the enhancement of Cao Cao’s military strength, his voice in court became more and more important.Dong Cheng, who had been able to compete with Cao in the past, lost the capital to compete with cao directly because of his military strength.In desperation, Dong Cheng had to take the risk of contacting Emperor Xian through his daughter Dong Guiren in the palace, and planned the famous “Clothes and ribbons in the Letter” event.Although Liu Bei, Chong Ji and Wang Zifu were all involved in the plot to kill Cao cao, Cao Cao, who was now in his prime, knew about the plan in advance.Before long, cao Cao wiped out the royalists headed by Dong Cheng, except Liu Bei, who had fled ahead of time.Even in the palace dong Guiren, also suffered cao Cao “cleaning”.After this, Cao Cao, though wary of Emperor Xian of Han, did not embarrass him too much.Because he has to face his life’s biggest enemy – Yuan Shao.A few months later, Cao Cao successfully defeated Yuan Shao and spent years sweeping the north.As a result, Cao Cao in the court of prestige, also increasing, no one can slightly its edge.Nevertheless, some of the old ministers loyal to Emperor Xian were plotting to have Cao executed.Cao Cao, aware of emperor Xian’s antics, had a brainwave and sent his three daughters into the palace to control the situation.But in this case, Fu, the father of empress Fu and others, still want to subvert the rule of Cao.Cao Cao got rid of all the other men and ordered empress Fu to be put to death.After that, Emperor Xian had no choice but to appoint Cao Cao’s daughter Cao Jie as queen, and acquiesced in Cao Cao’s thorough clean-up of the harem.At this point, Emperor Xian of Han never had a chance to recover, and I wonder if he regretted not having killed Cao Cao directly.But the future, who can say?References: Book of the Han dynasty, Book of the Later Han Dynasty, Annals of The Three Kingdoms, And Ji of the Later Han Dynasty