Zhejiang county that can’t go back: The housing price here exceeds 20,000 yuan/square, I would rather fight to the end in first-tier cities

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For young people in Wenling, Zhejiang province, the high housing price makes their hometown town no longer a safe haven after retirement.Editor’s note: Bid farewell to the night of the city and go to the depths of the clouds in my hometown.Trapped by the epidemic for two years, the post-90s generation crossed mountains and seas to return home for reunion.In their homeland, they are more like foreigners for a short stay.In their perspective, they saw the changes in human feelings, social changes, and feelings of family and country.On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Yin tiger, time Finance launched the series of “My Hometown, my Foreign Land”, this is the tenth article.Many young people struggle to buy an apartment back home with their savings saved in first-tier cities.If first-tier cities hold dreams, small towns hold poetic life.But for young people in Wenling, Zhejiang province, high housing prices have made their hometown town no longer a safe haven.Wenling, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Taizhou on the east coast of Zhejiang province, is famous for making shoes.In the past 10 years, the housing price of the county town has been higher than that of taizhou city for a long time, thus trapping many local people.In April 2021, According to the statistics and sorting of data from China Housing Price market website and Anjuke.com, China Business News pointed out that among the more than 2,000 counties in China, at least 103 counties have an average housing price of more than 10,000 yuan, among which Lingshui County in Hainan has the highest average housing price of 35,000 yuan per square meter.This was followed by five counties in Zhejiang Yiwu, Hainan Wanning, Zhejiang Yongkang, Zhejiang Wenling and Jiangsu Kunshan, where the average price exceeded 20,000 yuan per square meter.A group of young people born after 1995 are fleeing their hometowns.Even if they return to their hometown, they need to afford housing prices almost as high as those in first-tier cities, but they do not have modern industrial belts or a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan.Several young people who grew up in the area told Time Finance that they realized more than a decade ago that houses in the county seat were unattainable. During this decade, Hangzhou, once known as the “backyard garden of Shanghai,” has become a hot spot for Internet entrepreneurs.So they set their sights on Hangzhou, relying on the wealth accumulated by their parents to move into their first house there.A group of post-1995 generation fled the town and opened factories in Wenling, which was the password for the previous generation of pioneers to get rich. They caught up with the tide of reform and opening up and became the main force supporting the county’s GDP.The tiny county town was crowded with nouveau riche, and the parking lot was full of Mercedes and BMWS.Shoe factories, water pump factories and plastics factories line the streets, a testament to the coastal city’s golden age.As a large number of young people go to first-tier cities to study and work, they get used to the pace and life circle of big cities, and returning home to set up factories is no longer the first choice.In contrast, they prefer to invest in the tertiary industry.Meng Yao, born in 1995, left her hometown in October last year after working in a county bank for three years after graduation.By all accounts, banking is one of the best options for staying in the county.The job, along with teachers and civil servants, gives small-town girls more bargaining power in the matchmaking market and is one of the few jobs with salaries comparable to those in first-tier cities.”You can see your head in a lifetime, and the county bank is under a lot of pressure. There are eight banks on our street, so the competition is particularly big, but there are few high-quality customers.””Mengyao said.In addition to her narrow living radius, What Mengyao can’t afford is the county’s housing prices.In the residential area where she works, housing prices have generally risen to 30,000 yuan per square meter.After nearly a year of struggle, Meng Yao quit her bank job and moved north to Hangzhou, where her boyfriend works.For young people from small towns in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is a good place to settle down. A city that has been made famous by G20, Alibaba and NetEase is now in the list of new first-tier cities, and a large number of new concepts, new consumption and new opportunities are pouring out of this city.In order to have the qualification to buy a house as soon as possible, Chen Yi also paid social security in Hangzhou as a graduate student.Her parents helped her buy a new house in chengbei Sports Park, Gongshu District, with a unit price of 42,000 yuan per square meter. She will be able to move in after graduation next year.Yu Hong, a data analyst for a real estate developer in Wenling, oversaw a new development in 2018 near wenling railway station, more than 15 kilometers from the old city, an hour’s ride by bus.As a result of accepting the local transportation hub, the price of the building also rises with the tide.”The price rose to 17,000 yuan per square meter just after the opening, which should be the most valuable town in the city.”Yuhong told Time Finance, however, that the sales offices are filled with older customers who have improved their housing conditions, and there are not many young people who really need housing.Yuhong has seen many old couples save most of their lives to buy the house into an empty house, with their children from the town, the house will only be bustling around the Spring Festival.Under the storm of layoffs in the Winter of the Internet, a group of young people returned to their hometown only to find that the housing price of the county has changed.The post-1995 generation, who grew up in Wenling, has long accepted the fact that the housing price in their hometown is over 10,000 yuan, and they are ready to buy a house before they step into first-tier cities.Neighboring Wenling was one of the first to be affected by the emergence of speculators in Wenzhou in 2008, and local property prices followed suit.”The pricing is way out of line. I remember around 2008, urban housing prices generally exceeded 10,000 yuan per square meter.””Recalls Jiang Qi, a local born after 1995.Since then, property prices in Wenling have never cooled.In the shell housing APP, the price of new houses in wenling urban area ranges from 22,500 yuan/square meter to 33,500 yuan/square meter, and the price of some second-hand high-end villas and mansions exceeds 80,000 yuan/square meter, and the full price exceeds 20 million yuan.County house rare small family figure, buy an area of 120 square meters of the house needs to pay 3 million yuan, only 1 million yuan of down payment is enough to empty the 4 wallets of ordinary families.Jiang never included “buying an apartment in his hometown” in his life plan, which now puts him in a dilemma, forcing him to live far away from his hometown and accept the curse of working overtime in the big city.”Others can go home and buy an apartment and enjoy a low-cost life. We can’t retreat because our home apartment is also unaffordable.”Even more disturbing for the post-1995 generation is the mismatch between high housing prices and local incomes.The factory elder brother factory younger sister that busily is in shoe factory production line people every month salary has 3000-4000 yuan only, the college student that undergraduate course graduates monthly income also exceeds 5000 yuan very hard.The root of the National Bureau of Statistics yiwu investigation team released the data, is the same housing price highland Yiwu, 2020 residents per capita disposable income of 71,210 yuan, ranked the second in the country, only second to Shanghai.”The only hope is to go to Hangzhou.”After working in the county seat for more than a month, Jiang qi decided to go to Hangzhou alone.Before leaving, he told the parents calculate an account, the county city average 20000 yuan/square meters, the same price also can buy non-core areas in the first-tier cities housing, harvest is a line of the development of the city space, including infrastructure, medical, education resources and so on, perhaps before the Asian games is the best time to approach.Finally, after comparing the cost performance of each item, Jiang qi’s parents were relieved.Do not want to be a new city of passers-by choose to leave the county, Meng Yao joined an Internet factory in Hangzhou, engaged in administrative positions.Her boyfriend, also a programmer at an Internet giant, bought a small apartment in The Yuhang district of Hangzhou that was just needed. The price of the apartment was 24,000 yuan per square meter, not much different from the price in their hometown.”My income is not even as much as that of my hometown bank, but the general salary of programmers can reach 20,000 yuan, which is almost impossible to achieve in my hometown. There are many opportunities in big cities, so there is always room for a raise.”In Meng Yao’s view, life is more promising in big cities, especially for tech workers who have grown up relying on Internet companies. They are the first to experience the dividends of the Internet.However, property ownership certificates in big cities do not provide a sense of security, especially during the Spring Festival holiday. Although the lanterns and neon lights hanging along the streets can make foreigners feel the festive atmosphere, they cannot restore the taste of the New Year when they were children.Mengyao lived in her new house for more than half a year without saying a word to her neighbors. Her relationship with colleagues in the factory was always shallow, and she could not find a sense of belonging.On the eve of the Spring Festival, an outbreak in Hangzhou prevented Meng Yao from returning home, leaving her stranded in hangzhou with her boyfriend.But this is not really home, there is no familiar circle, there is no necessary process to visit relatives and friends, the New Year’s eve dinner has no taste of home.Two years after jiang Qi came to Hangzhou, he bought a small apartment in Xiaoshan District. His parents paid more than half of the down payment, and he had to carry a mortgage of nearly ten thousand yuan every month.With a total monthly income of 30,000 yuan, Jiang and his wife have to give up almost everything they don’t need.”After the community through the subway, from Xiaoshan to Binjiang commuting can be solved in one hour, if driving, on the highway can be controlled in one hour, happiness of life can be guaranteed.”Compared with the lower-cost commercial houses in the county seat, Jiang qi found a compromise in the dilemma, but he did not regret his decision two years ago. “With the salary level of his hometown, maybe he could not even pay the mortgage of 10,000 yuan per month.”For young people who have fled the county or their hometown, the developed transportation network in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai has shortened the distance between them and their hometown. Going back home can even be like going to work by subway.On January 8 this year, China’s first high-speed railway controlled by private capital was put into operation, connecting hangzhou, Shaoxing and Taizhou. As the starting and ending station, Wenling will facilitate the “one-hour traffic circle” of high-speed railway.The news excited Mengyao. It only takes an hour from Hangzhou to the county seat, so she decided she had to go back home after the New Year.(All interviewees are pseudonyms)