Schools in our district welcome the New Year of the Tiger semester

2022-06-28 0 By

The opening of the Year of the Tiger coincides with the Winter Olympic Games, and the school has prepared a wealth of activities to welcome the “sacred animals”.At the same time, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and ensure the safety of teachers and students on campus, wuxing district on February 16, the prevention and control of the epidemic work to ensure a safe opening.”Students, please take your temperature and enter school safely.”Early in the morning, wuxing experimental middle school nursing volunteers early to the post, in the school gate and nearby to carry out nursing work, maintain traffic order, arrange vehicle parking location, etc., actively guide parents to set an example, do not run red lights, do not cross the road, do a good job for the children to observe the traffic civilized standards of example demonstration.At the same time, remind students to take their temperature and line up to enter school orderly.”Good morning, teacher, I’m coming to school.””Good morning, little friend. Here is bing Dwen dwen for you. I hope you can make greater progress in your studies this year.”At the gate of Zhili Experimental Primary School, the parents of the students entered the school with their smiling children. The children took the gift from the teacher, took a group photo happily and said sweetly, “Thank you, teacher.”Exterminate clean inside and outside campus, brand-new board newspaper……Huzhou No. 12 Middle School staff returned to school early to get ready for the opening of the school.In order to ensure the safe and orderly opening of the school, Huzhou No. 12 Middle School prepared a thoughtful “opening ceremony” for all 931 students.The teachers prepared fruit, lollipop and other snacks on each student’s desk in advance.”Before the new semester began, the school arranged volunteers to help the new students carry their luggage. Meanwhile, the school teachers made all kinds of small gifts for the students, so that each child can feel the warmth of ‘campus is my home’, creating a warm atmosphere for the new semester.”Huzhou no. 12 middle school dean Shi Xiaoping said.Huzhou, huzhou city, the first 12 study volunteers to students carrying luggage first 12 science teacher prepared small gifts for the students “development zone all kindergartens, primary and secondary school students today have been opening, in order to ensure the safety of school, the normal teaching, the schools in our district in advance planning, careful arrangement, ready to refresh, ambience, safety inspection, epidemic prevention and control and a series of preparations for school,We will strictly implement all measures to prevent and control the epidemic, and resolutely protect the health of teachers and students and the safety of the campus.”District education bureau campus security section chief Zhang Yuming said.