Migrant workers in Benxi volunteer to create city epidemic prevention

2022-06-28 0 By

In each city, there are people from all over the country.Of course, there are also migrant workers, who are a unique group in the city.Benxi is a beautiful and lovely city, in which there are also a group of the most ordinary people, who are also closest to our lives.They are migrant workers volunteers affiliated with Liaoning Guangtong Engineering Co., LTD.Their stories touching, warm you and me, they use their ordinary and small body, in the unknown to create value.When a city in epidemic prevention, March 24-26 liaoning very general engineering co., LTD. 10 volunteers to continue to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, rural migrant workers with a variety of tools (iron hammers, wrenches, saws, saws, etc.) to open Cheng Jiahe qing ping two communities with iron plate, nearly 100 copies of the fence, for more than twenty two community crossroads WeiDang closed,With nearly three days to complete the community epidemic containment.On March 31, 10 migrant workers from Liaoning Guangtong Engineering Co., Ltd. came to Hefeng Community to clean up debris in the residential area and corridor.The key that clears this is whether to exist inside corridor block pile up sundry safety hidden trouble.Community workers and migrant workers volunteers cleaned up the old furniture, door panels, large jars and small jars stored in the corridor, the stone of pickled vegetables in winter, and the hidden dangers of occupying the fire passageway in the corridor, ensuring the unblocked fire passageway in the corridor and creating a good health environment for the residents.After one day’s efforts, a total of 9 units were cleaned up, and more than 30 units such as 3 cars of king Kong cars, sundry and garbage were cleared, eliminating fire safety hazards and giving residents a comfortable living environment.