Ma Fei put forward high-quality promotion of reclamation economic integration development when investigating reclamation integration development work in West Union Farm

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丨 source: danzhou melt media center danzhou news media center on March 30, director of the standing committee Ma Fei research to western union farm arable fusion development work requirements, each state farms to fully arouse the enthusiasm of cadres and workers, to promote farm better in local development overall situation, in the construction of free trade port in hainan and danzhou qinlan integration development, make new contributions.On the same day, Ma Fei visited Xinying Mangrove National Wetland Park, Xilian Century-old Rubber Park, Hainan Agricultural Reclamation Baolin Forest Products Co., LTD., and had a detailed understanding of the development history, planning and construction, industrial status and other situations of the park, rubber park and enterprises.He stressed the importance of seizing the opportunities presented by the construction of hainan free trade port and the integrated development of Danzhou Yangpu, further emancipating the mind, expanding vision and innovating ideas, planning and implementing a number of land reclamation integration projects based on actual conditions, and promoting the high-quality development of land reclamation economy.To give full play to its own resources and geographical advantages, focus on the text brigade, agriculture, industry, logistics, infrastructure, people’s livelihood, and other fields, plotting package holiday, star hotel, one hundred glue garden culture, Shared his farm, features high efficiency agriculture, forests economy, a batch of projects, such as deep processing of wood and rubber industry downstream extension continuously, industrial clusters into chains,Stimulate the new vitality of farm development, promote reclaimed land economic and social coordinated development.Ma fei required relevant departments to do a good job in docking services, actively contribute their efforts to solve the bottleneck of farm industry development and enterprise project construction problems, plan and promote the landing of key projects and industrial projects, activate the development vitality of farms and enterprises, and do a good job in the integration of reclaimed land development.In view of enterprises’ problems and demands, we will try our best to solve them and speed up the integration of reclaimed land.Municipal people’s Congress standing Committee secretary General Li Changben accompanied the investigation.Disclaiming: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: