Cambodian man sets his wife on fire after heated argument

2022-06-28 0 By

According to Cambodian media reports, a Cambodian man doused his wife with alcohol and then set fire to her after a heated argument in the suburb of Lexi, Phnom Penh city, early on February 4.The man was identified as Li Fu, 44, a vendor.His wife is Xie Zhendi, 39 years old.Before the incident, the man and his wife were driving home from a relative’s house.When the two arrived at the door, they had a heated argument for unknown reasons.The man then rushed into the house and poured a bottle of alcohol over his wife before setting her on fire, causing her to suffer severe burns.After the incident, the woman was sent to Kami Hospital for emergency treatment before reporting the incident to the police.Local police arrived at the scene at 1:30 a.m. and took the man into custody.Police have not revealed the cause of the argument, which may have stemmed from business difficulties.It is understood that shortly after the man was taken to the local police station, his wife again pleaded with the police.The man has since been released to return home.5 dead, 1 seriously injured, suspected genocide in Cambodia # International Intelligence ## Daily International Vision ## Cambodia # Follow, learn about Cambodia, more information, venture capital, community, you can download APP