Tianshan community to carry out anti-drug, anti-evil household publicity activities

2022-06-27 0 By

In order to further enhance the community residents’ awareness of anti-evil, create a strong anti-evil social atmosphere, and actively build a harmonious community.On the morning of March 28, Tianshan District of Jiahe Street carried out anti-drug and anti-evil household publicity activities.Community staff, volunteers, by household visits to distributing drug control, prevent evil against evil publicity materials, the interpretation of the drugs, the cult of common sense, drugs, cults and what are the characteristics of the dangers of brings to the society, family and other knowledge, let people realize the cult of illegality and harmfulness, advocating residents against cults, advocate science, superstition, spread of civilization,Improve the ability of discrimination, set up the awareness of guarding against evil cult.Through this activity, the awareness of community residents to consciously identify and guard against evil cult, formed a strong social atmosphere of “advocating a scientific lifestyle and rejecting all evil cult activities”, thus enhancing the awareness of residents to abide by the law, and laying a solid foundation for the development of anti-drug and anti-evil work in the future.(Contributed by Xie Weiguo, Tianshan Community, Jiahe Street)