New CS35PLUS: Youth is so exciting!

2022-06-27 0 By

The upward development of Chinese automobile brands is a topic that all Chinese brands cannot avoid. It requires our automobile enterprises to constantly improve their brand image, improve their product strength, optimize their service attitude, and fundamentally change the “loyalty crisis” of Chinese brands!It is a surprise that we have seen the progress of Changan automobile in all aspects. Whether changan CS series, Escape series or the current UNI series, they have attracted high attention and sales volume, especially the launch of a large number of PLUS series models, which have been recognized by a large number of consumers.On March 10, changan introduced a new model, the all-new CS35PLUS, with an official guide price of 93,900 to 109,900 yuan.As a mid-term modified model, it has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of appearance, interior and configuration. At the same time, it has replaced blue Whale’s new generation of efficient power combination, which further enhances its product competitiveness. So how does the new car actually feel?Recently, I took a test drive of Lets Go!Inheriting the design tomorrow Look into the new element is medium-term change models, but they are not satisfied with new CS35PLUS “small”, the change of the whole is very obvious, it inherits the CS75PLUS appearance design, presents the atmosphere, sport, fashion style, more can meet the demand of young man’s car.Interior science and technology fashion to add a number of configurations 100,000 yuan class SUV interior will be what?Maybe some people think it should be normal, even a little mediocre, but the new CS35PLUS gives you a surprise, its interior can be said to have made a great change, especially the new family double screen, directly enhance the sense of science and technology of the new car interior, completely in line with its young positioning.Of course, the new CS35PLUS is much smarter than that. Its voice interaction system has added global wakeup free, multi-round interaction, context understanding, and more than 200 new voice controls.Want to open the window?Just say “Anne” and just say it!In addition to the changes in appearance and interior decoration, the power aspect is also one of the highlights of the new car. The new Changan CS35PLUS carries the new generation of Blue Whale powertrain. The maximum power of blue Whale NE 1.4T high pressure direct injection engine can reach 118kW and the maximum torque is 260N·m.This figure is very competitive among its peers.It is matched with changan’s independent research and development of 7-speed efficient wet DCT transmission, faster response speed brings more comfortable driving experience.Most notably, in terms of safety, the new Changan CS35PLUS is also very sincere. The test drive model is also equipped with ACC full-speed adaptive cruise system, PAB active brake warning system, emergency brake alarm and other safety configurations to ensure the car safety of consumers all the time.Conclusion:As early as last year, the cumulative sales volume of Changan CS35 has exceeded 1 million units. As the original model of independent small SUV, it has proved its strength with the sales volume. Now, it has ushered in the mid-term revamp once again.Why don’t you worry about sales to a higher level!The event runs from April 2, 2022 to April 4, 2022