Kenli: Women brave to fight the “epidemic” front-line exhibition style

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Liu Wenjun, a member of the Special Inspection Department of Kenli District Maternal and Child Planning Service Center, vividly illustrated the dedication and responsibility of a medical worker with her practical actions during the epidemic prevention and control period.On December 28, 2020, the nurse who learned that the community needed to be vaccinated against COVID-19.She took the initiative to sign up, qualified after training, quickly joined the vaccination team.With the mass vaccination, the task became more and more heavy, so she would arrive early, get all the things ready, and sit for a day. The tasks of the day must be completed on the same day, often unable to leave work at 8 or 9 o ‘clock.Wearing gloves for a long time made her hands sore and itchy, so she applied some ointment at night to ease the pain.Wait two days to get back on the job, be gone for a week.In May 2021, with the date of her son’s college entrance examination drawing near, she felt anxious to see other mothers taking good care of their children.Faced with the current situation of a small number of people at the vaccination site and a large amount of inoculation, she did not mention her child to anyone, and could only go to Shouguang to reunite with her child at the weekend.When the results of the college entrance examination came out, we understood the situation and praised her in unison. It was not easy.She is a fearless “rebel” in the face of COVID-19. She has been the backbone of samplers since the launch of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing.In the first round of nucleic acid testing, the temperature suddenly dropped due to the weather change. That day, she and her colleagues insisted on standing in the wind and completed all the sampling tasks. When they took off the protective clothing, they felt that their hands and feet could not help them and their whole body was frozen.During the second round of nucleic acid tests, she arrived in the community at around 5 a.m. and immediately went to work.At about 10 o ‘clock, she suddenly received a notice from the unit and was transferred to work in the isolation point. Without saying a word, she packed up her things and set out on time.On the road, she learned that the specific situation of the isolation point, there is also a worry in the heart, but she immediately adjusted his state, since it is to choose their own, so he is the most competent to work.There are a total of 17 staff at the isolation point, and only two female comrades. As one of the few medical staff, she not only undertakes the nucleic acid test and daily care of the care staff, but also undertakes the training work of the staff.The first night she arrived, due to the change of environment, she suffered from insomnia and did not sleep a wink.The next day, although she felt top-heavy, in order to ensure the nucleic acid results uploaded on time, she got up at 5:00 and completed all nucleic acid sampling tasks in time.When she had no time during the day, she trained them at night, especially in their protective suits.”Sister Liu, after your training, we can be full of confidence to participate in the competition” colleagues proudly said.In the face of the epidemic, she is the “guardian” of gentle wind and rain. Usually, she is a little impatient, but no matter in the concentration point, nucleic acid sampling point, isolation point, she left her amiable smile everywhere.”It’s kind of weird,” she said. “When you’re in the environment, it changes.””It was good, I didn’t feel it at all…”From time to time from the center came praise for her from vaccinators;”Look, girl, you’re sweating. Sit down and rest…It must be hard for you to make house calls…”In the process of sampling, it is constantly recognized by the sampling staff;”You’ve worked hard…””Auntie, you are really gentle, thank you…”Thanks from the quarantine staff are the biggest recognition of her work.”Each one of them is not easy. We need to learn to put ourselves in others’ shoes, show 100 percent patience, and give them the warmth and love they need.”That was what she always told herself.”Virus merciless people have feelings.”This is the true portrayal of an ordinary medical worker. She interprets her original aspiration and mission with her actions and demonstrates her responsibility and responsibility with her efforts.No matter what position she works in, she feels that she is not fighting alone. Together with her colleagues, she will unite as one and help each other to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic and demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of an angel in white on the front line of the fight against the epidemic.Article source: Palm reclamation