Harden wants to leave the team!There are three real reasons behind the revelation: dissatisfaction with Irving’s part-time job and frustration with Nash

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Harden is still committed to helping the Nets compete for a championship this season, but is likely to leave the Nets this summer. Harden is interested in exploring opportunities to join other teams.Fisher also revealed harden’s frustration with a number of issues within the Nets — irving’s part-time play, Nash’s frustration with his hiring, and Brooklyn’s frustration.Harden has expressed his frustration with Irving’s part-time status to the Nets and those close to him, which has been exacerbated by Durant’s injury, leaving harden to carry the offensive load in the Nets’ home games.Irving was suspended by the Nets for refusing the vaccine, but the nets relented and let him play part-time.So far this season, Irving has played in just seven games for the Nets (all on the road), averaging 23.4 points, 5.1 assists and 4.9 rebounds, and is still ineligible to play at home.”I should have given kyrie a shot,” Harden joked after the game.Harden has been frustrated by the capricious rotation of Nets coach Steve Nash, who prefers to end games with hot hands rather than a set of clutch linups.The Nets have used 22 starting linemen this season because of injuries and other factors, some of which are out of his control, but Nash’s clutch selection has frustrated Harden;Harden is averaging 22.7 points, eight rebounds and 10.1 assists in 37 minutes per game, second in the league.Third, Harden doesn’t like living in Brooklyn.Harden recently told several close friends — including former coaches and teammates — that he was interested in exploring opportunities with other teams over the summer, according to people familiar with the matter.Harden doesn’t like living in Brooklyn as much as he did being a mogul in Houston.In addition to climate change, the tax gap between New York and Texas is stark.Harden, who played eight seasons with the Rockets, is the undisputed leader of Houston and the face of the city.However, harden chose to leave the Rockets and join the Nets in order to win the championship, but now harden has the intention to leave.Harden did not re-sign with the Nets early last offseason and is eligible to opt out of his contract as a free agent this summer.Harden was previously reported to be open to leaving the Nets, and was also reported to be willing to team up with Embiid, with Philadelphia also willing to pursue harden this summer.