This is an emergency in the North Sea!The following personnel please report immediately!

2022-06-26 0 By

It is urgent to inform all residents of dijiao district: According to the work requirements of Haicheng District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Beihai City, if anyone meets the following three conditions, please report to the community where you live and take good personal protection against the epidemic.Those who are aware of the situation, please cooperate and provide relevant information. Those who fail to report as required during special periods and affect epidemic prevention and control will be held accountable.Thanks for your cooperation!1. Vietnamese nationals;2. People who have come back from Vietnam or have gone to sea since March 1;3. Personnel returning to the North Sea from overseas after 1 March.Dijiao Street Office: 0779-3902995 Shangliao Community: 0779-3919601 Xialiao Community: 0779-3900035 Kunming Road Community: 0779-3904490 Xinying Community:Dijiao Sub-district Office of Haicheng District People’s Government, Beihai City, March 17, 2022 source: Dijiao Political affairs