S26 top scorer update, Aileen fall, Gallo down, the king of the archer attack again

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Hello, everyone. I am the Giant God beast.Original is not easy, look forward to your attention.As we all know, archer is king of Glory, the position of strong output ability.The strength of archer heroes changes as versions change.Once a strong archer hero, may be with a version of the update, become nobody.However, as some archer heroes strengthen, some archer heroes will also strengthen and return to the top.In king of Glory summary, Genghis Khan is a very rare archer hero.This does not mean, however, that Genghis Khan was any more vulnerable than other archers.In fact, Genghis Khan has always been a very rare and useful archer hero.Genghis Khan has one of the few view-opening abilities in the game, which means that genghis Khan can use his skills to implement the team’s strategy while avoiding the enemy hero’s gank.In the early stage, Genghis Khan needs to be as raunchy as possible, but once he reaches the latter stage, he can gain an advantage by pulling and pulling.Galo Irene is not without narration to the archer hero, having to advance several versions of the more popular Galo.Garro is the longest range archer hero in the game, and can easily deal extremely powerful point-shot damage to enemies with his one skill.Also, once Garro’s crit is in shape, he can use his crit damage to deal a huge amount of slow down.However, Gello’s relatively slow movement, combined with his lack of hard control and displacement skills, makes it difficult to escape an enemy’s face.Erin is the only archery hero in the game.Irene’s strength is not very high, but her super powerful spell point damage can do a lot of damage to a lot of archer heroes who don’t have resistances in their early days.If you want to use Irene well, you must master the rhythm of the hero. In the early stage, try to get as many advantages as possible when you are on the line, and in the middle stage, try to hold together with your teammates to gain certain advantages.Houyi is back on top Houyi has long been one of the game’s leading shooting heroes in appearances.As a shooting hero, Houyi’s attack speed, survival and endurance are not very noticeable in the game.However, one of Houyi’s abilities has the effect of splitting arrows, making him one of the fastest developing archer heroes in the game.Houyi himself could increase his attack speed while inflicting damage on enemies, so fighting while growing was his most comfortable rhythm.This version of Houyi, is still not suitable for development alone.On the contrary, hou Yi’s growth rate and survival environment were greatly improved by having a teammate to protect him.Houyi is a good match for mingshiyin and Zhuangzhou. These two helpers not only provide houyi with bonus health regeneration and output, but also prevent him from being controlled by enemy heroes, making houyi’s output more stable.Later, once Houyi got out of the bow of the Sun, his attack range was greatly improved, so that the living environment was also improved a lot.In conclusion, there is no denying that Houyi is indeed a flawed archer hero, but as the shooter hero with the highest appearance rate, Houyi is worthy of the T0 level of archer hero.Don’t know what you think, please leave a comment, like and forward!