A proposal addressed to all Shanghai intellectual Property Youth

2022-06-26 0 By

On the early morning of March 28, Shanghai launched a new round of cut-and-mesh nucleic acid screening across the city.The epidemic has limited the scope of our activities, but it cannot stop our enthusiasm and warmth to unite as one and help each other.Here, we propose to all ipr youth in the bureau: Cadres of youth League and youth in the Bureau should act on the orders and fight for the war, and actively participate in community epidemic prevention and control services under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Do the following carefully:One, keep the concentration, resolutely obey the command, arms triumphalism epidemic today, every one of us is a party, every youth is the youth flag, we’ll firmly to the party, go with the party, respond to the superior policy decisions and call, resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought and the fluke mind, firm triumphalism,To contribute youth strength to the overall victory of the fight against the epidemic.Young people are the fresh force of society. We should give full play to their strengths, develop the spirit of service, and devote themselves to community volunteer service. We should shoulder heavy burdens bravely, unconditionally obey them, and never fail to live up to the trust and trust of the Party and the people.Wherever there is need, there will be us. Together, we will build the Great Wall of epidemic prevention and demonstrate the responsibility and style of youth in the new era.Three, keep the bottom line, regulate their own behavior, actively spread the positive energy in the information age, the speed of the news spread beyond imagination, in this case, we young people should take the initiative to master the latest requirements on epidemic prevention and control work, in a timely manner for the prevention and control of authoritative media tips, consciously do not believe a rumor, don’t tale, active resistance, refuted wrong speech.Take the lead in publicizing requirements and matters related to epidemic prevention and control, and actively guide family members and people around them to eliminate panic and improve their discernability, so as to set a good example.All the young people of intellectual Property Office system: the bugle of charge has sounded, the moment of decisive battle has arrived, let us take the belief of victory, with the blood filled with youth, down-to-earth and steady, with practical action into the anti-epidemic team, hand in hand to fight the epidemic, defend “Shanghai” home.Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Office General Branch of the Communist Youth League Of The Communist Party of China Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Office General Branch on March 30, 2022