Wuhan’s first medical sports rehabilitation studio was unveiled

2022-06-25 0 By

The opening ceremony of Wuhan Sports School and Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine sports rehabilitation Studio was held in wuhan Sports School recently. The medical team of Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine settled in the school to provide medical security services such as injury prevention and treatment and rehabilitation treatment for athletes.In recent years, under the leadership of Wuhan Sports Bureau, Wuhan Sports School attaches great importance to the training of sports teams and actively advocates the integration of training, science and medicine.Medical body movement rehabilitation studio USES the university-enterprise cooperation mode, cooperation by the city sports school and city Chinese medicine hospital, located in the city sports school, using city Chinese medicine hospital human resources and professional and technical advantages, together to build a new platform, is committed to do athletes injury control and prevention, rehabilitation, monitor from athletes training, fitness boost, fast recovery and rehabilitation treatment, nutrition regulation,Forming a closed-loop mode of medical security.It is understood that the “medical sports rehabilitation studio” is located in the city sports school, has been equipped with pulse pressure system, cold pressure system, micro-pressure oxygen chamber, ultrasonic, electric muscle vibration instrument and other nearly 20 kinds of professional equipment.In addition, the city Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine selected more than 10 elite forces from the sports and rehabilitation medicine department of the hospital to establish a systematic “sports rehabilitation file” for athletes, with a combination of “one doctor, one skill and one nurse”, stationed in rotation all day long.According to the report, Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been paying attention to the inheritance and innovation development of traditional Chinese medicine cause, the hospital’s bone injury, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation and other departments using traditional Chinese medicine, bone-setting and other treatment technology, has obvious advantages in the prevention and treatment of sports injury rehabilitation.In the future, the hospital will also bring traditional Chinese medicine suitable technology into the city sports school for athletes’ daily injury prevention and treatment, and open a green channel to provide convenient conditions for athletes to see a doctor.