Ant Wealth online financial education, convenient for investors to learn financial wisdom

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According to the “2021 Global Wealth Report” of Credit Suisse, China is the second largest wealth market in the world by the end of 2020, with a total resident wealth of about 75 trillion US dollars. Therefore, the demand for resident wealth management is exploding.It can not be ignored that the development time of China’s financial management market is short, and investors’ professional quality and risk tolerance are mediocre.Experts suggest that financial education for investors needs to be further strengthened.”Long-tail investors tend to have less investment experience and are more sensitive to income, so they tend to fall into the mistake of chasing the upside and chasing the downside.”A fund industry personage said, this means that the third party commission platform to teach pressure is not small.In order to share investment knowledge for more investors, Ant Wealth, as a platform, has set up an investment education base.At present, Ant Wealth Investment and Education Base has been officially awarded the national Investor education Base by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). Compared with other approved investment and education bases, ant Wealth Education Base is built based on mobile Internet, which has been visited by more than 300 million people, making it the largest investment and education base with the largest number of users.Li Chen, head of the investment and Education Base, said, “The investment and education activities are in line with alipay’s vision of inclusive finance. Alipay also hopes to continue to cooperate with China Securities Regulatory Commission and other institutions in the future to promote the progress of national financial knowledge through scientific and technological means and interesting ways.””In the Internet age, if users don’t like it, they just delete the App.””According to the characteristics of the platform users, we have long realized that investor education is not only a responsibility, but also a business model, which is what we must do,” said an official of Ant Wealth.In form, Ant Fortune chooses popular financial knowledge such as text and text, video, live broadcast and discussion area which are more popular with users. It also advocates long-term value investment and prompts irrational behavior in the form of innovative investment products such as “Answer Planet”, which learns knowledge through answering questions.Ant Wealth also uses the power of advanced technology to make users invest more rationally.For example, one third of the monthly users of zhixiaobao, an intelligent financial assistant robot, ask special questions. Users can use Zhixiaobao to learn financial knowledge, obtain market conditions and help in income analysis.Ant Wealth also hopes to integrate investment education into product experience, encouraging long-term investment methods such as investment and care, and has launched a series of simple and easy-to-operate functions, such as the “Jinxuan” brand cooperating with third-party authorities and various intelligent investment gadgets.Looking forward to the future, Ant Wealth said that the platform is not sales-oriented, and firmly takes the road of universal benefits and openness. It hopes to truly accompany users to form rational financial concepts and habits, and help them achieve the goal of investment benefits.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.