15 beautiful Lantern Festival poetry, there is always a move you

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This year, the only month to see that reunion.– Li Jian “Yuan Xi” 2. Fengyue wins thousands of nights, strike like a family.3. Dongfeng night put thousands of trees, more blown, stars like rain.– Xin Qiji, “Jade Case · Yuan Xi” 4. In the sound of the flute, wish every year, the joy is still the same.– Zhou Zhiqi “Candle shadow shake red · Self Youyuan Evening” 5. Nine mo even lamp shadow, thousands of doors spend the moon.– Guo Lizhen “Shangyuan” 6. Thousands of lights spring breeze mo, ten li qi Luo Mingyue day.– Shao Bowen “Yuan Xi” 7 will have to sweep the haze, put ice wheel all night.8 laugh to wine remove sorrow broken, slowly look at the lamp step moon.Xi jin, spring in the east of the river, the full atrium.– Deng Yu “Qingchun Ze · Geng Yin Yuanxiao” 10.Pleasure must be young, life is easy to hua fa.And what is it, and what is in the cup.– Wu Xixian “Yuanxiao will be Treated by Xie Ming house will be word rhyme” 12. Do not show Fang Zun smile, how to eliminate this moment.13. Who taught red lotus night, two meditating their own knowledge.– Jiang Kui “The Partridge Day · Yuan Evening has a Dream” 14. Spring Is pale, stop the water yingying, laugh at the curtain of the wind jie.15. Two water waves open her jiao month, thousands of jiangge volume thin curtain.Shi Lunzhang “Shangyuan Evening” Hi, I am a program ape who loves poetry and struggles till midnight every day without baldness. I hope my article can bring warmth to your life