Who is skinny-dipping for the Warriors after losing 1-6 and curry’s tide receding?

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At 1-6, with SAN Antonio losing to Magic and Magic losing to Wizards, Golden State has hit a new low all week.Losing Curry may be inevitable, but the West just can’t afford to lose any more, and the Warriors will nosedive into the play-offs or even the playoffs.To make matters worse, Curry will be out for another two weeks, and the Warriors will face a host of tough opponents, including the SUNS and Utah jazz, who can’t seem to beat with their current lineup.Many Warriors fans said the Warriors were humiliated and pointed the finger squarely at Coach Kerr, saying that curry’s tide had gone out and that Kerr was the one who “skinny-dipped” and most responsible for the warriors’ losing streak.Sure, Kerr is responsible for the Warriors’ poor performance, but many fans are missing the point.Kerr has been criticized for playing a lot of minutes in the rotation of Chiossa, Damian Lee and Bielica, a desperate trio of players who are clearly incapable.Some Kerr has no tactics, can only pass, not pick and roll;There is also The penkol reaction is slow, every time inexplicably called timeout opponents, coaching challenges are not a success.But to be honest, I can understand all of this, and here’s a weak defense of Cole.One is the rotation problem, in fact, in addition to the mighty desperate trio, no one can really changed, not cole wants to use odd osama and don’t benefit, are only the two warriors substitute choice, always can’t Poole, Wayne rooney for the rest, not when the dream-seeker green, clay and the potter dwell, the warriors substitute choice more stretched;2 it is classic and roll pass the decision problem, in fact, cole and roll ah, s&p has several consecutive attack as a pick-and-roll hold golfers, just effect a long story, this is because the two warriors, pursue green and rooney will not be finished in the pick-and-roll under suitable end, this is only suitable for two people in the pass system ACTS as a licensing agent, to some extent,Kerr’s cross cutting, is based on the warriors existing lineup, look at the dishes have to choose;The third point is even more puzzling. When Kerr called a timeout in these games, it wasn’t because the Warriors had a problem on the court and needed to communicate with the players. When Kerr didn’t use a critical call to influence the game, it was just a reflection of his reaction on the spot.Kerr’s real problem in these games is that he didn’t do enough homework before the game. He lacked a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the magic, Hawks and Wizards, the so-called “weak teams”, which was intuitively reflected on the court. He didn’t have enough pertinence to play confidently with me as the main player.Play the eagle was especially obvious, the other teams in the face of an eagle to open the right way, is to use conservative on defense, not radical help defense, offense to use size advantage, ray young defensive weakness, and cole obviously not copy homework, fan of confidence according to the daily to cope with the eagle of the mighty, as a result, wiggins was ray young single point burst,The other positions, in order to clean up wiggins’ defense, let the Hawks outside shooters to assist, directly let the hawks rained 3s, the offense let Trey Young’s defensive weaknesses, like a headless chicken on the perimeter, and finally struggled to score a point in the second half.Kerr certainly has his problems, but the core reason why the Warriors are so weak right now isn’t Kerr. It’s green, It’s Wiggins, it’s Klay Thompson, it’s the warriors’ stars.In a way, the Warriors’ no. 1 pick these days should be Draygreen.Originally, the Warriors were looking to drayma Green’s return to solve the Warriors’ defensive problems, but with green’s return, the Warriors’ defensive problems did not solve, but more severe.Single proof been step, inexplicably blind jump compensate foul, as a 5 a pick-and-roll not jump up, is easy for striker with a ball screen shots, was to introduce to you, this is the defensive player of the “history”, this funny defensive performance in seven games, self-preservation is difficult, more talk about how, as the core, supporting the warriors team defense system.The so-called “organization ability” of the offense is directly reflected on the court, that is, the opponent is left five meters away, missed the basket to salute Simmons, cold hand hard pass directly led to the Warriors turnovers per game keeps rising.Took $25 million of new and high salary only hit the performances of base salary, a word not blow itself up, take the initiative to apply to the referee for two technical fouls, clock out, from time to time were rested two games to a part-time job, this is the pursue green, a mouth cried out, “title”, after leaving the garage began “swimming naked” man, don’t ask, ask is “strong”,It is the core of the system and the hero of the dynasty.Draymond Green is a matter of attitude; Wiggins is a matter of ability.With Curry out, Klay on and off, and Draymond Green out of reach, wiggins, the $30 million man, should take responsibility.You cannot strictures wiggins this seven games to play, he’s spell, the ball with his “schrodinger” talent strong body to kill the basket, he work hard, try to use my poor control technology for singles, he wants to win, with a bold look threw compares six pulse excalibur shooting 3-pointers, wiggins want to take on difficult mission, but the embarrassment of the,None of these half-assed skills allowed Wiggins to ultimately take the lead.Wiggins tried to drop the thermos, but after a series of hard attempts, he finally got the thermos back in his hand, and he became 3D again, the “walking 14-point machine”.After Klay Thompson returned, many Warriors fans were critical of him, saying he was shooting too much and ruining the team’s good chemistry.Yes, Klay had his issues, some of his shot choices weren’t sound and his shooting has been off and on, but embarrassingly, he’s already the best player the Warriors have played in a while.Although not as good as Curry, Klay can now at least occasionally practice shooting the opposite three-point shot and make some mid-range singles, and if he doesn’t take the shot, leaving it to Wiggins or Green, that’s even worse.As a direct result of the problems of the three stars, the core of the Warriors right now is third-year Jordan Poole, who is the only player on the Warriors team who can play alone and develop the offense.Poole’s poor shooting is a surefire way to defeat the Warriors, and his good shooting may not be able to resist draymond Green’s negative effects.13 consecutive scoring more than 20 points, s&p has spell efforts, but it’s still not enough to lead the warriors win, only win, the warrior away against the heat, s&p before college roommate turns into a guide, full into seven 3-pointers, plus the dream-seeker green didn’t play infighting the outbreak of the heat over there, the superposition of three factors together,The Warriors had to grind out a win.Now, if the Warriors want to save face and qualify for the playoffs, they have reached a point where they have to win a game.Kerr does his opponent’s work every game, Draymond Green shows his attitude, Poole continues his aggressiveness and form, and Wiggins does the simple things and waits for luck, waiting for Klay to make his big move.