When my mother-in-law came to visit her son, she almost tried to eat me alive when she saw me asking my husband to do this

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Wild desires can lead to dangerous actions and absurd things.– Mark TwainAfter buying a house with her husband in a second-tier city, she rarely went back to her hometown for Chinese New Year. Her mother-in-law did not see her son for a long time. She just called a few days ago and said she would come to live for a while.After getting married, she and her husband struggled in a big city for several years. Because it was too far to return home, they bought a house of their own in a second-tier city.We all work in different companies. During holidays, my husband thinks it is too hard for me to do housework alone, so he often helps me to do housework together.Her mother-in-law called to come to live, her husband went to the station to meet her in advance, just to the door, I carried a pair of clean shoes, let her mother-in-law in good shoes and then enter the house, she said: my shoes are not dirty, do not change.May be used to living in the countryside, not quite adapt to the life of the city, I did not say what.Mother-in-law into the house, put down the luggage, and then with curious eyes, every corner and room, have a look again, happy to the husband said: this house is really spacious.After watching the room, my mother-in-law sat on the sofa to watch TV, I carried a dish of fruit out, went to the kitchen to wash vegetables.I turned to my husband and said, “Please mop the floor while I cook for my mother-in-law.”Husband heard, without words to drag the ground, mother-in-law glanced at the husband is mopping the ground, thought he was wrong, seriously look at mopping the ground is really his son, she immediately came to the kitchen to me roar: our ancestors down, mopping the ground is a woman to do, the man is outside to make money, since you cruel let my son to mop the ground?Shrugging off my mother-in-law’s rant, I responded gently: Isn’t it normal that he’s mopping the floor and I’m cooking?No matter how I explained it, my mother-in-law still looked upset. Then she grabbed the mop from her husband’s hand and began to drag herself to the floor.After a while, my husband walked into the kitchen and asked me if I needed help. I casually said that I was too busy recently. The toilet had not been washed for a long time and was a little messy.The husband said good, turned around to scrub the toilet, the mother-in-law dragged to wash the mop, just to see: the husband in serious brush the toilet, this can thoroughly put the mother-in-law angered, she love scold way: you how so useless, also help your wife brush the toilet!The husband one face meng ground looked at the mother to say: the toilet dirty who wash once can ah.The mother-in-law rushed to the kitchen, looking at me scold: the toilet all call your husband wash, still let him a big man brush toilet, that our home still marry you stem?I was her mother-in-law indiscriminately so scold, the tone choked back: who is free who can do housework ah, and I am not married to be a nanny.The mother-in-law didn’t expect me to talk back to her, look at my eyes, like to eat me alive!In tears, she called her father-in-law and told him that her daughter-in-law was treating her son like a servant, making him mop the floor and clean the toilet. She felt very distressed…The husband saw the mother-in-law said more and more excessive, seized the mother in the hands of the mobile phone to father-in-law said that he is willing to do housework, and I have nothing to do.Always the son when treasure mother-in-law, see her husband at this time also help me talk, angry burst into tears, and said the next day will go back home.Conclusion: the son has always been the treasure of the mother-in-law, see me call my husband to mop the floor, wash the toilet, see her special distressed.After a few words with her, I felt the sky was falling down and cried that I would go back home the next day.Is it no good for a man to help around the house?