Understand why Chinese athletes in winter Olympics all have northeast Chinese accent

2022-06-24 0 By

With the gold MEDALS in the Winter Olympic Games, athletes from all over the world are coming to the end of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Apart from being infected by our country’s record-breaking Olympic athletes, there is no one feeling that they all seem to speak with a northeast accent.Remember just watching Olympics is the day before the opening ceremony, the Chinese team of men and women mix build a game, then think whether a man or the woman accent is the northeast, pleasant, with a tone, not to ordinary people like us to talk, then look at the numerous game, just think of the northeast accent player is really much!According to statistics, there are 176 Chinese athletes in this Winter Olympics, and 56% of them are from northeast China.Ten members of the short track speed skating team are all from northeast China.Yes, for example, Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Li Wenlong are all from northeast China, and Wang Meng is also from Northeast China. For example, curling, figure skating and other popular sports players are also mostly from Northeast China, which shows the dominance of Northeast China!The reason is that, first, there is snow in the northeast, while there is no snow in the south, so people in the northeast may be able to ski before they can walk, while people in the south may watch snow on TV, and practice skating in special venues when they grow up, which is not real ice, and friends in the south all know the pain…The second reason is because of ice and snow art actually has a tradition of factors in it, such as a local player won the championship, so this advantage project will always inheritance in this place, there will be more excellent players in local mining, so as to cultivate, which may explain why the northeast ice champion phenomenon emerge in endlessly.Therefore, the location and harmony, the northeast people occupy the absolute power in the Winter Olympic Games, but also for the country to win countless honors, thank you, this is also inseparable from the usual hard exercise, I hope to win more MEDALS for our country in the future!