The MG ONE Beta will be listed at 99,800 to 122,800 yuan

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On March 28th, the MG ONE β was officially launched, with the official guiding prices of the four “big Meet” models ranging from 99,800 yuan to 122,800 yuan.The user is determined to enjoy three big sincerity to meet the gift, respectively is Ali Zebra life free basic flow, to the highest 6000 yuan replacement subsidy and to the highest 60 months 0 interest rate.#MG ONE β with “large space, full configuration, power foot” to create leap-level experience, fully meet all the expectations of contemporary trendy families to enjoy life quality, is worthy of the choice of ONE hundred thousand “great satisfaction”.#MG ONE and China Manding Top stream IP “Under ONE” to create a new movie has been launched on March 24, mechatronic hipsters blend seven unique skills, and win with wisdom, super combustion battle scene hot off the ring.On March 28th, MG ONE β was officially launched, with the official guiding price of the four “big meet” models ranging from 99,800 yuan to 122,800 yuan.The user is determined to enjoy three big sincerity to meet the gift, respectively is Ali Zebra life free basic flow, to the highest 6000 yuan replacement subsidy and to the highest 60 months 0 interest rate.Meanwhile, MG ONE β is offering a limited monthly supply of the Revenant Limited Skin Pack. For 3,000 yuan, users get revenant matte green paint, blackened exterior mirrors and exterior components, a black floating roof, and midnight lightning-themed interior.MG ONE beta listed price 99800 yuan on MG ONE beta has 3 big leading machinery and smart at the same level 3 big, continued the trend of the MG brand has always been since expressiveness, started the “full”, to “space is large, configuration, power full foot” above lead to build experience, such as all-round satisfy home users to all comply to the highest SUV imagination,Will become the user’s pursuit of quality life “great satisfaction” of choice.Meanwhile, MG ONE has launched a new franchise in collaboration with CMANAC’s top IP, Under ONE, on March 24.Big wheelbase, big skylight, big hub, the space is more than imagine “big” the exclusive first selection of domestic user, be about to “without big not happy” the space is big satisfied.The MG ONE β offers excellent head and legroom with an ultra-long wheelbase of 2670mm and longer front and rear seat cushions.When you sit in the car, you will see the intelligent triplet screen, which contains a large amount of information, bringing an immersive intelligent experience.Overhead is the leading open-screen panoramic skylight of the same level, which is extremely long and can be opened for a wide range of lighting area, bringing a broad vision experience.MG ONE β is not only that, MG ONE β will also be full appearance level, gas field more foot.The front face of the new car adopts sonic boom shark hunting grille, with MG LOGO as the center and parametric gradient outward. It is matched with the two sides of the smoked LED sprint flag headlights, making the whole car highly recognizable.Body unique double waist line design with black roof, presenting three-dimensional and rich visual effect, with 19 inch Tomahawk aluminum alloy two-color fine wheel, create a strong sense of power;Rear of the car with LED hurricane eye taillight, concave and convex design and tail sexy body surface perfect fusion, add young dynamic breath.In order to achieve the “great satisfaction” of users for intelligence, MG ONE β pulls the full configuration of science and technology.The new car is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship 8155 chip and Luoshen intelligent cockpit system. It has the industry’s first AI semantic Powered by Damo engine with self-learning ability, which can realize boundless interaction, driving control and communication.The first non-inductive mobile phone car key of fuel car breaks the boundaries of space and distance, realizing non-inductive boarding, remote key sharing, multi-scene remote control and other intelligent operations.In addition, the new car is equipped with APA’s full-scene unmanned intelligent parking system, which can easily cope with a variety of complex parking environments with the help of dual perception of vision and radar. With the 4D transparent chassis system and high-definition 360° panoramic image system, novice drivers become old in seconds.Not only is it superior to its peers in intelligent technology, MG ONE β is also equipped with luxury quality.All models of the new car are equipped with galactica electronic gear shift, luxury zero-gravity seats, e-Sports multi-functional advanced leather steering wheel, highlighting the quality of details in the slightest.In terms of body color, MG ONE β offers seven personalized car colors to meet the diverse needs of users, especially the Wilderness Hunter matte green paint, which is the only original matte paint in the 100,000 class SUV.MG ONE β demonstrates a full range of active and passive safety capabilities in the area of home users’ key concerns.The new car is equipped with MG PILOT 2.0 advanced intelligent assisted driving, which integrates 20 intelligent driving technologies such as SUPER TJA SUPER traffic congestion assistance system and ACC full-speed adaptive cruise system, to escort users’ safe driving.At the same time, the new car also uses the ultra-high strength cage integrated body, its high strength steel accounted for up to 82%, ultra-high strength steel accounted for up to 51%, both reached the leading level of the industry.The MG ONE β is equipped with saic Bluchip 2.0 MEGA Tech cutting-edge and efficient power technology to achieve “great satisfaction” in power performance.The all-new MEGA Tech 1.5T high-power “China Heart” top 10 engine is equipped with the all-new MEGA Tech CVT325 high-torque CVT transmission, with power up to 181 HP and torque up to 285 N · m. The combined fuel consumption per 100km is as low as 6.3L, providing both surging power and fuel economy.MG ONE beta, in addition, the new car before also used after the aircraft grade aluminum McPherson independent suspension + blade type multi-link independent suspension, chassis by set-up “taste”, collocation of EPS – Pro electric power steering system, to provide more accurate steering control, more stable body posture, the softer impact vibration isolation, guarantee the user control the big meet with passion.On March 24, MG ONE and China Comics’ top IP “ONE Under” jointly created the high flame outside officially launched, mechanical and electrical hipsters combined with the leading group of seven unique skills, and won with wisdom, the hyperflame battle scene hot circle.The combination of the two is not only a combination of products, but also an initiative of MG brand to embrace the innovation of young people with diversified cultures.As a spokesperson for young people, MG not only meets the changing needs of consumers through product innovation, but also always leads the trend of crossover, striving to enter the world of young people, so that one MG can accommodate all young people.MG ONE has always been bringing users trendy and fun interactive experience and smart technology car experience with its powerful products and ways that are popular with young people.As a new product launched by MG, MG ONE β is based on the 100,000 class SUV market, with the sincere sincerity of “great satisfaction”, to achieve users’ yearning for quality and enjoyment of life.