On the third day of the first month, why not stay at home to experience jingdong computer digital black technology

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On the third day of the first lunar month, it means the middle of the Spring Festival holiday. After paying a visit to relatives and having a party with friends, you will be running around all day long. You should also spend some time at home relaxing, spending time with your family and preparing for the New Year’s study and work.In this year represented by 3 c digital goodies for a new utility “blessing”, the Spring Festival atmosphere from playing scrabble, mobile phone, start to have the quality of curtilage home, efficient learning and interactive entertainment trend reversed, the whole family jingdong lasted ten years “the Spring Festival also delivery” service, during the Spring Festival with high quality computer digital products and considerate service,Let consumers enjoy the joy of Spring Festival no matter where they are.Taking advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to adjust the rest, entertainment or cloud interaction, has become one of the ways for young people to relax the Spring Festival.Thor Darth Vader 4+ water-cooled gaming desktop e-sports host, innovative and pioneering desktop wireless charging function, can support Qi charging mobile phones, cameras, mice, headphones and other digital products, as well as cool appearance and strong performance support, competition will be one step ahead;HP Game desktop Shadow Spirit 8 competitive edition, powerful performance, efficient heat dissipation, the new shadow appearance plus colorful RGB light effect, immersive game atmosphere instantly full;Logitech year of the Tiger limited gift box like a tiger with wings, there are MX Keys Mini keyboard, MX Anywhere 3 mouse, but also send hero and Cartier jewelry designer cooperation pen, not only at home to enjoy playing, but also to work like a tiger with wings.Intellectual learning is the main theme of the student community. Many parents buy scientific and technological products for their children this Spring Festival to help them improve their learning efficiency during winter vacation.Xiaodu intelligent learning tablet S16, 16 intelligent eye protection, and intelligent guidance, homework correction, free teacher classes and other functions, let children study to the next level, buy a random gift xiaodu artificial intelligence value auxiliary learning kit;Let children solve difficult English problems by themselves, Alpha Eggs AI dictionary PEN T10, word search, translation, Chinese and English words and sentences can be scanned, 4.2 million Chinese and English vocabulary, covering all stages from primary school to university, built-in AI tutor, can not only scan but also teach, help students improve their listening level from slow to fast;The Spring Festival will soon be back in school, all kinds of exercises to brush up, HP 678 automatic double-sided printing without hands, save worry and money, 8000 pages of large print capacity, to meet the printing needs of the whole family, but also support wechat remote printing, convenient and fast.The Spring Festival holiday at home feel boring, digital black technology can meet the needs of the whole family interactive entertainment, lively more interesting.SONY PS5 home game console era game machine host, living room instant extension, massive games free to play, as immersive game picture quality, let players feel immersive fun;Kimi RS Pro 2 Sunrise Limited Edition home projector, 150 inch large screen and 4K resolution, home can enjoy the cinema screen experience, watching blockbusters and chasing variety shows, the whole family and the old and the young have a happy New Year;New Year, how can you get less singing and dancing, sing karaoke song bao small egg microphone, so that the whole family can show their voice, family concert open at any time, happy and lively.Relax and decompress yourself, pay attention to your children and accompany you, and communicate with your family emotionally. No matter what situation you are in during the Spring Festival, the mass of trendy digital products of JINGdong Computer Digital Goods Festival can keep the atmosphere of the Spring Festival relaxed and happy.Not only that, there are also 24 periods of interest free, coupons 999 minus 100, 200 minus 30 and other benefits, and JINGdong will continue to the Lantern Festival to invite the whole people to share 1.5 billion red envelopes and good things, jingdong is with the value of welfare, fancy play and intimate service, accompany everyone’s Spring Festival time.