Kunming Branch of Industrial Bank has carried out the second stage of “Xingyue” New Year’s Eve Competition

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From January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022, Kunming Branch of Industrial Bank of China will carry out the second phase of the “Thriving Leap” strategic transformation competition for key businesses in 2021-2022. The whole bank will actively participate in the competition and coordinate efforts to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy and promote high-quality development of the branch.On January 7th, Kunming Branch held the first stage of the “Thriving Leap” competition and the opening ceremony of 2022.Summarize the completion of the first stage of “Xing Yue Yue”, share excellent business management cases and advanced experience, put forward the main work measures of the second stage, require in the New Year to turn pressure into power, change challenges into opportunities, work together to overcome the difficulties, seize the opportunities, and win the “good start” of the first quarter.On January 14th, Wang Huibin, president of Kunming Branch of Industrial Bank, presided over a special session to convey the spirit of the talent work meeting of head Office, deploy the key work of talents of branch bank, and ask to make up the talent shortage in important fields as soon as possible.Continue to increase the introduction of professional and digital talents, do a good job in the introduction, reserve and training of cadres, and strengthen the construction of echelon;Comb and improve the whole process management of cadre selection, appointment and assessment, and improve the assessment and evaluation system of “being able to move up and down”;In accordance with the “5+N” development plan of the head office and its branches, the training will be carried out on ten themes, including party building leadership, yunnan policy interpretation, green finance, rural revitalization and leadership improvement.On January 19, on January 28, the branch President hui-bin wang led respectively, yunnan branch financial regulator related leadership, “” golden cloud platform landing yunnan matters to negotiate the exchange, the two sides make joint” schedule “, “construction” of the construction of the platform, a battle “chart”, to ensure that the project set up smoothly in scheduled time.On January 28, Kunming Branch of Industrial Bank of China held the 2022 working meeting to convey the spirit of the head office working meeting, summarize the work of the branch in 2021, analyze the current situation, and study and deploy the work of the branch in 2022.Wang Huibin, party Secretary and Governor of the branch, delivered a work report, and the leaders in charge of the bank made special arrangements on the key work.According to the requirements of the meeting, the whole bank will seize the opportunity of signing the strategic cooperation agreement with the Government of Yunnan Province, combine the regional advantages of Yunnan and its own reality, and creatively implement the strategy of “four stability and four progress” proposed by Chairman Lu to promote the business of the branch to a higher level.On February 10, Wang Huibin, Peng Jiang and Zhang Fupei, head of the branch, led a team to visit Yunnan Construction Investment Holding Group Co., LTD., and visited the exhibition area of Yunnan Construction Investment Development Building.The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the cooperation ideas and plans for the next stage, and indicated that they would further deepen cooperation in rural revitalization, ecological protection, environmental water conservancy and people’s livelihood.On February 15, President Wang Huibin and Vice President Peng Jiang led a team to visit Yunnan Nantian Electronics Information Co.,Ltd., and visited Nantian Digital Experience Center.The two sides will have in-depth discussions on the export of fintech, cooperation in financial services, smart network construction, ecological scene construction, rural revitalization, inclusive finance, cross-border digital RMB and other aspects.On February 18, Wang Huibin, head of the branch, and Zhang Fupei, deputy head of the branch visited the Kunming headquarters of Pengxin Group.President Wang Huibin and his delegation visited the Exhibition Center of 100 billion Beef Cattle Industry of Pengxin Group, and had an in-depth exchange on the Internet of Things system, big data platform and agricultural supply chain finance platform involved in the digital management platform of the company’s breeding industry.On March 1st, Governor Wang Huibin and Deputy Governor Peng Jiang of the Kunming Branch held a discussion with the visiting leaders of Yunnan Industrial Investment Holding Group.The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the cooperation ideas and plans for the next stage, and indicated that they would deepen cooperation in digital Yunnan construction, industrial investment leading, key park business and other fields. The two sides will actively play their advantages and jointly contribute to the high-quality development of Yunnan.On March 17, peng jiang, deputy governor of branch Zhang Fupei led and visit kunming rail traffic group co., LTD., the related leadership in branch communication discussion, both sides around the rail group, the financial needs of the business sector in-depth exchanges, and said the next stage in intelligent traffic system, resource development in areas such as continue to strengthen cooperation.On the afternoon of March 21, Wang Huibin, head of the branch, and Shi Bin, assistant head of the branch, led a team to visit the Southwest regional headquarters of China Railway Group and visited the corporate culture corridor of the Group.On strategic cooperation agreement signed in July 2020 the business situation of checking, and said the next stage will continue adhering to the “fact hand in hand, cooperation and win-win” concept, around the group key acquisition of traditional infrastructure, “double carbon” goal, environmental, health, urban renewal and other key areas continue to cooperate,Deeply integrate into and serve local economic development together.On March 23, branch vice President peng jiang to qujing branch investigation, visiting qujing steel group, qujing Germany nano technology co., LTD., made a silicone material co., LTD., customer management, according to the needs of customers to provide comprehensive financial services, and detailed introduction to our customers’ gold products transformation direction, product management and investment cycle related content.On March 28th, Kunming Branch held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement with Yunnan Construction Investment Holding Group Co., LTD.In the next five years, kunming branch will provide yunnan construction group with no less than 50 billion yuan of credit, the two sides will further expand the traditional credit business and capital markets business, supply chain finance, wealth management, system construction, ecological, cross-border financial and other aspects of the comprehensive strategic cooperation, hand in hand to make contributions to economic and social development in yunnan province.On March 29, Wang Huibin, governor of the branch, led a team to visit Yunnan Financial Capital Holding Group Co., Ltd. and visited the party building corridor of the group.The two sides will further implement the detailed strategic Cooperation Agreement and strengthen cooperation in financing guarantee, industrial initiative and building of inclusive finance platform.March 31, Kunming Chenggong Branch grand opening.The opening ceremony was witnessed by financial Industry Department of Chenggong District Finance Bureau, Examination and Approval Reform Department of District Government Affairs Bureau, relevant leaders of Chenggong Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, as well as some customer representatives of Yunnan Baiyao.Chenggong Sub-branch is a flagship sub-branch of Kunming Branch that serves kunming municipal administrative center. On the opening day, the balance of deposits exceeds 8 billion yuan and the balance of loans is nearly 3 billion yuan. The establishment of chenggong Sub-branch marks the further completion of the strategic map construction of Industrial Bank in Downtown Kunming and the continuous enhancement of the high-quality development ability of financial services in Kunming.Kunming Branch seized the opportunity of signing a new round of strategic cooperation agreement with the provincial government. Under the strong support and coordination of relevant departments of the head office, kunming Branch worked closely with the credit Examination Department, Enterprise finance Department, Investment bank Department, Chenggong Sub-branch, Tongde Sub-branch and other institutions, carefully designed the credit granting scheme, overcame the examination difficulties one by one, and communicated with the head office for several times.The credit extension of Yunnan Investment Group was successfully extended to 20 billion yuan, and Yunnan Energy Investment Group was approved for non-standard financing of 5 billion yuan.Chenggong branch in ZongFenXing related departments, under the guidance of positive linkage Shanghai branch, give full play to the “business and investment bank” professional advantage, strong marketing “yunnan baiyao – Shanghai pharma” set project, provides customers with including fund-raising management, will do a comprehensive financial service plan, before and after it took about 1 year time,Finally, Shanghai Pharma successfully deposited the raised funds in our bank, driving the deposit of 11 billion yuan.By the open area in yunnan branch actively support specialization, “new” little giant enterprises healthy development, learned in yunnan kay Witt new material company founders is domestic concrete patent inventor of alkali-free accelerating agent, and is the enterprise is the industry leader, active marketing, innovative business ideas, break through the customer guarantee ability weak, with the introduction of credit guarantee company,At the same time, actively involved in the client’s new Third Board listing, to help the client grow.Kunming Sue home pond branch, west branch, cui hu subbranch, vigorously develop green with German branch actively implement the branch financial business assets and build green energy categories related requirements, wind power, photovoltaic new projects and projects under construction sand, customer marketing actively, and datang group, such as state energy group, the nuclear group head new customers has established good relations of cooperation,Successively on the yunnan xinhua water resources and hydropower investment co., LTD. Photovoltaic m&a loan 235 million, luquan huadian new energy development co., LTD photovoltaic project loans 156 million yuan, guodian yunnan longyuan volare wind power co., LTD., wind power project loans 150 million yuan, datang new energy development co., LTD. (yao) photovoltaic project loans 043 million yuan, big Tang Wuding new energyThe limited liability Company borrowed 32 million yuan for the photovoltaic project to actively support the development of green finance business of the branch.Kunming Beijing Road Sub-branch actively carries out the third party receipt business. Through careful marketing, it has successfully implemented the receipt business of 30 kunming “Huili” franchise chain stores, 6 Aiya dental chain stores and 110 Taihecheng local well-known chain stores, and successfully driven the increase of settlement deposits by more than 38 million yuan.By focusing on in-depth exploration of existing customers and focusing on certificates of deposit and Fortune fund, the company successfully increased savings deposits of more than 50 million yuan.TaDong road branch is focused on the Austin di e-commerce industrial park, under the guidance of retail banking, layer upon layer depth by field visits, cluster cooperation around the customer demand, efficiently promote individual industrial workshop business loan business, have intention to loan client information collected 10 units, proposed “loan amount is 30 million yuan, has landed amount is 4.5 million yuan,Achieve retail industry cluster business zero breakthrough.Cuihu Sub-branch actively expanded personal consumer loans, around state-owned enterprises, civil servants, employees of large banks and other high-quality customer groups, vigorously expanded the “xing Xing loan” business, through the point marketing to deal with a total of 170 brush xing flash loan, credit granting 19.6 million yuan, expenditure amount of 12 million yuan.Guandu branch actively response to the headquarters of the personal silver zheng Dan project “spirit, deeply characteristics of dairy industry chain all projects, mengniu group, southwest plateau around mengniu group, dairy farmers cooperating with yunnan agricultural credit guarantee co., LTD. Is” silver “personal loan business, cooperation, promote pratt & Whitney small incremental expansion surface micro loans, boost rural revitalization,Collected 15 dairy farmers’ loans of Mengniu Group, proposed to apply for 45 million yuan of loans, and realized 3 million yuan of loans, achieving a breakthrough in upstream and downstream supply chain business of core enterprises.The credit card center gives full play to science and technology, makes use of big data technology to analyze customer value and register classification, and relies on customer sand table to carry out fine marketing, realizing the average monthly issuance of more than 2,600 cards and the increase of more than 16,000 cards, promoting the continuous improvement of the capacity of issuing credit cards.