Germany match: Zhao Xintong liangjian wei wei, Robertson play in a complete mess, seeds mixed

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In Germany, the big players were mostly cold, Robertson’s “double horse” overturned, zhao Xintong won the left hand.China’s Zhao Xintong beat Mark Williams to reach the last 16 of the 2022 World Snooker Masters at the Musehall in Berlin.The game was also the only top-ranked conversation of the day.Today’s debut of 8 seed players in a large area of cold, new division masters champion Neil Robertson, Maguire, McGill are late defeat.Because Gao Yang withdrew for personal reasons, Trump won without a fight.Scottish champion Luca Brecchel and Karen Wilson also broke through.The highlight of the evening session was Chao’s five previous meetings with Williams, who is 4-1 and last met in 2018.At that time, Zhao xintong had just turned professional and was still in the rookie season. Today’s Zhao Xintong is certainly not the same.In the first round, Zhao xintong led the way with a 64, but made a mistake on the verge of overscoring.Ma Wei took over also failed to win a shot, only after 31 points to hand over the ball.Zhao Xintong narrowly escaped the first round.In the second game, both sides made a number of moves but could not complete the super point, which Was levelled with a fine snooker shot.In the third round, Ma Wei first hit a single stroke of 54 points to establish a 60-31 lead, but the safe ball war Zhao Xintong again showed the style of the British Championship champion, through a long red ball precision hit and into the black ball qingtai to 4 points advantage to achieve a single round inside turn.Chao gained confidence after taking a 2-1 lead and added a 72 to take a 3-1 lead at the end of the first half.Return in the second half, Ma Wei changed the fifth game hit a single 65 points super points, although the other side use two snooker to recover 8 points, but still does not affect him to win this game will reduce the score to 2-3.The sixth game zhao Xintong into the wonderful combination of red ball but soon lost convergence black ball to hand over a good game, Ma Wei ate 61 points to the score 3-3.The key of the seventh game, Wei wei took advantage of the pursuit of 38 points, Zhao Xintong again took out the crucial moment of the precision of the far skills, after the hand attack single rod 89 points grabbed the first match point.In the 8th game, Ma Wei again tried to slow down the tempo of the match by playing “Ma’s kickoff”, but it didn’t work.This is good for zhao Xintong, who is good at opening the deadlock through the extreme stage.Sure enough, Chao hit another 70 from the far stage to beat Mark Williams 5-3 to advance to the second round.In other matches, Zhou scored 96, 74 and 67 to take a 3-0 lead before recovering from a 69 to beat McGill 5-2 in two of the three match-ups.World No. 40 Jimmy Robertson failed to threaten the world No. 5 as Karen Wilson scored 58+64+94+117 to win 5-1 comfortably.Another Chinese player, Zhang Anda, showed a tough side against Luca, hitting 50+ links in the first frame after falling 3-1 down and then scoring 95 points in the sixth to level the score.Luka scored 120 in the seventh frame to take match point, while Dandy fought hard in the eighth, but lost after a lane change on his cue shot that hit a red pile.At 4am, there were only three matches due to the withdrawal of Trump’s opponent Gao Yang.Neil Robertson may have run out of bullets at the Masters as he struggled against former Shanghai champion Luke Walton, losing three games in a row after leading 3-2.The latter carded runs of 71, 79, 124 in the sixth, seventh and eighth frames to win 5-3.Another TOP16 player, Michael maguire, was not spared as he became a spectator after completing only 135 in the opening frame against forde.”Mr. 147″ Forde shot 76+88+53+81+104 to win 5-2, also “winning easily against big players”.In another rookie battle, Steadman beat Georgiou by the same score.(code word is very expensive rice please click attention runwu AB thank you, picture source superstar online if infringement contact delete) want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Runwu AB