The Galaxy A53, priced from 3,299 yuan, illustrates the other side of “cost performance”

2022-06-23 0 By

For the entire consumer electronics industry, April 1, 2022 is clearly a “new day”.On the one hand, brands such as Lenovo and Razer have all come out with seemingly bizarre new products.Of course, we all know that they are “April Fool’s Limited”, just for the fun of the product.On the other hand, there’s actually a new phone that actually went on sale today that’s getting a lot of attention, and that’s the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.At first glance, the device, which starts at 3,299 yuan, looks like a typical mid-range model for 2022, but a closer look at the hardware configuration and product thinking reveals that there’s more to it than meets the eye.How cost-effective is it?6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED 120Hz screen, Samsung’s Exynos1280 master control, 8GB+128GB storage configuration, 5000mAh battery, 25W PD quick charge,In addition, the front 32 megapixel rear camera module consists of 64 megapixel main camera +12 megapixel ultra-wide Angle +5 megapixel macro and 5 megapixel blurred lens, which is basically the overall configuration of Galaxy A53 5G.The Exynos 1280 SoC may not be familiar to many of you, but its internal code name is S5E8825 (yes, that means it actually belongs to the old Exynos8 series, not the latest Exynos 9 series).It integrates two 2.4ghz Cortex-A78 large cores and six 2GHz Cortex-A55 small cores with the Mali-G68 MC4 GPU solution.It’s clear from the basic hardware architecture that the Exynos 1280 can’t match the performance rating of the star product of this year’s flagship market, mediatek’s Breguet 8100, or even last year’s flagship SoC Snapdragon 778G in this price segment.In fact, in terms of parameters, the Exynos 1280 is very close to mediatek’s Breguet 920 in both CPU and GPU design, and performance should be basically the same as the Breguet 920.In other words, it is equivalent to the current market some 1500-2000 yuan stalls, cost-effective 5G models of the level.However, the initial price of the Galaxy A53 5G will start at 3,299 yuan in the Domestic market.Calculate calculate a number of preferential policies on the official website (including with old new subsidies 300 yuan, integral gift 300 yuan, free one year broken screen protection) superposition, also can convert to almost 2500 yuan level at most, and other brands Phecas 900, Phecas 920 model pricing still exist certain gap.Only in terms of performance/price “cost performance” to calculate is not very low, but it is definitely not high.However, it also has a number of features that are rarely seen in its peer models. So does this mean that the Galaxy A53 5G is a typical, “acclimated” mid-range phone from overseas brands?If so, it would be a mistake.Because if you look at the configuration of this model, you will find that compared to other mainstream models in the 2000-3000 yuan price range, Samsung does heap some unusual configurations on the Galaxy A53 5G.Its Super AMOLED screen, for example, has a brightness of up to 800nit, which is rare for a mid-range phone.It also means that the Galaxy A53 5G can provide better readability in outdoor sunlight without making the screen look black due to lack of brightness.It has stereo speakers, for example, and dolby Panoramic sound is built in.Dual speakers and sound authentication and tuning are the real cost, which is common in flagship and sub-flagship models, but rare in mid-range models.In addition, the Galaxy A53 5G card slot is currently very rare “choose two out of three” design, which means it supports TF card expansion.Given that this model is not originally marketed as “game performance,” it means there is little need for consumers to pay for a higher-capacity version.And that’s not all. A comparison of the Galaxy A53’S 5G camera specs with its peers shows that it’s actually better than most of its competitors in that price range.On the one hand, the 32 megapixel camera is pretty much at the top of the list for non-flagships (only flagships use 44 or 50 megapixel front outsole schemes);On the other hand, it has a rear main camera with optical stabilization, a rear ultra wide-angle secondary camera base larger than most non-flagships, and even two 5-megapixel secondary cameras are a notch above the standard 2-megapixel macro/blur options.The best part is that, as a product that has nothing to do with “flagship” at all, Galaxy A53 5G also has IP67 dustproof and water resistance, so it will not be a problem to get a little rain, occasionally get a little dust and wash with water.Machine running indicates the ratio of the present performance, in the end also need to speak true diversification, in reciting the Galaxy A53 5 g compared to most of the models in the end after the function of the window, we suddenly produced an idea, if only to cost in the design of the hardware, it is not less than many rivals, perhaps even more “honest”.But why, even when we first saw the price of Samsung’s new Galaxy A series, were we still judged to be “not cost-effective”?Quite simply, it has become the inherent thinking of the vast majority of people to judge the “hardware value” of mobile phones by pure SoC computing power.Behind this kind of inherent thinking, both now large mobile games increasingly eat performance factors driven, but also mobile phone manufacturers propaganda “credit” in the inside.However, if you think about it carefully, should the cost of a mid-range model with limited cost be mainly spent on SoC performance?Can’t there be users who don’t play games and want better photos, better build, better display on mid-range devices?In fact, the “sex” of “cost performance” itself should not only take performance, or even run points as the only standard.A mobile phone, or a other commodity, its use value should be based on the actual user needs to decide.To put it bluntly, since not every user necessarily needs “high performance” hardware, it is only natural that we should allow more mid-range products like the Galaxy A53 5G, where costs are spent on other user needs.