Good news!Zhangjiang enterprise won the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award

2022-06-23 0 By

Released recently, the Chinese medical association in 2021 Chinese medical science winners, by the Shanghai biochip co., LTD is located in the pudong zhangjiang (biochip Shanghai national engineering research center) as main complete unit (person), one of the “national biological samples library significant standardization construction and application of basic engineering” project won the second prize of the Chinese medical science and technology prize.It is reported that the company takes the lead in developing the first industry and national technical standard (GB/T37864-2019) for the construction of the international leading biological sample database, and organizes the international standard (ISO20387) as the co-convenor unit, and promotes the first national accreditation standard for biological sample database approved and promulgated by THE General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) CNAS.Recognized by the industry and international mutual recognition, has been the international voice in this field.In addition, the project has established China’s biological sample bank quality control, education and training and sample discipline system, and established more than 20 professional groups.The contribution of the project also lies in the creation of world-class high-quality tumor biobank, the full development and application model of biobank resources, and the pioneering exploration of a new model of biobank.It is reported that Shanghai Biochip Co., LTD. (Biochip Shanghai National Engineering Research Center) has become a pioneer and leader in the construction and development of biological sample bank standardization, leading the establishment of “China Medical Biotechnology Association Organization Biological Sample Bank Branch” and “National Biological Sample Standardization Technical Committee”.To formulate industrial standards and a series of national standards for the whole process of collection, processing, transportation, storage, information management and application of biological sample banks in China.At the same time, we will actively promote the publication of accreditation criteria for China’s biobank and open a new era of standardization construction and accreditation for China’s biobank.A large number of fruitful pioneering work has laid a foundation for innovative translational medical research and precision medicine in China. The combination of standards and accreditation criteria with the administrative licensing of the Human genetic resources laws and regulations of the Ministry of Science and Technology has pushed the construction of China’s biological sample bank into a new era of standardization and accreditation, leading the world.Yang Zhenying