Extreme cool virtual digital man Vince official announcement endorsement virtual reality to attract netizens look forward to

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In recent years, with the rise of the concept of the meta-universe, virtual technology has been more widely accepted, and a number of virtual characters have emerged, which are produced in the form of painting, animation, CG and other forms, and carry out activities in virtual scenes or real scenes such as the network, but do not exist in the physical form.The super realistic digital person Vince that carries science and technology by Beijing World yue star is one of them, with the figure tide cool image not only attracted the favor of a lot of clothing brands, but also harvested the love of a group of fans.Recently, the super realistic digital person Vince official announced the endorsement of the headset brand SENNHEISER by Beijing Shiyue Star Technology Co., LTD. The virtual person setting and the appearance of the headset technology sense complement each other. In the advertisement, Vince senior misanthrop face,Wearing a simple white T-shirt and sci-fi glasses, he is in a surreal three-dimensional space with a futuristic look. Netizens can’t help but marvel at how sci-fi can be managed by a virtual character.Although Vince is rarely seen in the public eye, he has long been a regular in the fashion circle. As a member of the metascouniverse, Vince is the first hyperrealistic digital boy in China in the strict sense. Upon his debut, he participated in the spring/summer 2022 Dubai Fashion Week “MetaHuman” show with American tech fashion brand Todd Hessert.It has caused quite a sensation abroad, and as the digital twitter officer of the 2021 NetEase Future Conference, it brings the latest technology experience to the audience together with the conference.Vince from yuan universe to reality, lead the new trend in technology and fashion fusion as a virtual digital people not only participated in the runway shows, Vince’s behalf and so on a series of business activities, also has its own microblogging, trill, the media, such as the little red book account, he also actively participated in the baidu recently launched “blossom season of ice and snow” the games are a special project,Post skiing photos to cheer the Winter Olympics athletes.In addition to no physical existence, he is no different from human beings. He will have daily life of skiing, playing basketball, singing, watching exhibitions and so on. When he releases his daily life, he will also share the brand name of his clothing and accessories, so Vince is also affectionately known as “Grass blogger” by netizens.It is reported that the team behind Vince has positioned his identity as the first virtual trend musician in Asia. He has also posted photos in the recording studio on his own Weibo account, which shows that the team has taken great care in setting his identity.From the cold modeling digital man to the virtual character with the breath of life, Vince is endowed with the significance of hyperrealistic digital man from the meta-universe to the real world, and has begun to become a hyperrealistic virtual artist, looking forward to him in the future to bring us more surprises.