2/9 Wednesday 11 match predictions Selected sorties: Hilal v Chelsea nice v Marseille

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Wednesday 001 World Club Cup Hilal Riyadh VS Chelsea club World Cup 2021 Semi-Finals 2022-02-10 00:30:00 HilalHilal, against a club World Cup two years ago but was only 4, play is not good, but this time is different, the head “the strongest in the history of” the Asian champions league title battle they now has more than 10 Saudi international in the array, it is almost half of the Saudi national team configuration, under the strong team configuration,Hilal’s 6-1 thrashing of Uae side Ajira in the opening game of club World Cup created the largest margin of victory in a single game in the history of Club World Cup. In this context, hilal will not be too afraid to face the Champions Chelsea in the semi-finals.Chelsea:Chelsea’s league title chances this season already, so there’s a champion can get close, nature will not easily let go, even if the figure hull because new crown to on-site command of infection, even if Chelsea in the fa cup, only 2-1 win over league one team to overtime Plymouth, but as the champions league and premier league giants Chelsea still is in the current array in Athens as a cloud,Plus Mendi will carry the African Cup champion to aid, strength is still not underestimated.Comprehensive analysis:From my point of view, the game both teams ranking or squad, integral disparity is very big still, although hilal strength, but Chelsea are not wave get hollow reputation, the game will go through a battle, but in view of the fact that Chelsea are more combat experience, and time to rest more, the current data of Chelsea’s concessions is also reasonable,On the bright side, I think Chelsea still have a good chance of winning.The 2021-2022 France Cup quarter-final continues with Nice hosting Marseille on Wednesday 011.The two teams are ranked second, third position in the French league table, the strength of nature is beyond doubt.Nice knocked out Greater Paris in a penalty shootout in the French Cup, which played a huge role in boosting the team’s morale.After a 1-0 home defeat to lowly Clermont in the league, the team has a chance to stay in the French Cup and is currently third in the league, four points above Strasbourg.Marseille is currently one point above Nice in second place in the league, the overall strength can be seen.In the last round of the league, the team beat Angus 5-2 at home. The striker Milik scored a hat trick, and The striker Yundale also provided 1 goal and 1 assist.In the last round of the quarter-finals, the team beat their opponents on penalties to advance to this one, which was a morale boost.And the team away battle effectiveness is very, win rate as high as 63.6%, this away battle has a certain advantage.Comprehensive analysis of the two teams nearly 10 games, nice only got 2 wins, 1 draw and 7 losses, the psychological battle fell behind.According to the data, the initial tie position is obviously not sufficient for both sides.Combined with the draw and guest win values respectively showed a downward trend, consistent with the data.Coupled with recent performance, marseille is undoubtedly sought after objects.Wednesday 002 English Premier League Norwich v Crystal Palace win 20202/2022 English Premier League Regular Season round 24 2022-02-10 03:45:00 Wednesday 003 English Premier League Manchester City v Brentford win Wednesday 004English Premier League Tottenham hotspur v Southampton win Wednesday 005 Sheffield United v West Bromwich Albion lose Wednesday 006 Blackburn v Nottingham Forest win Wednesday 007 Bournemouth v Birmingham in the English Champions LeagueAston Villa VS Leeds United win the 20202/2022 Premiership Regular Season in the 31st round 2022-02-10 03:45:00 Wednesday 008Round 24 2022-02-10 04:00:00 Wednesday 009 Coppa Italia AC Milan VS Lazio – 2020/2022 Coppa Italia Quarter- Finals 2022-02-10 04:00:00 Wednesday 010 Copa Del Rey Vallecano VSReal Betis Tie 2020/2022 King’s Cup semi-Finals 2022-02-10 04:00:00