Traffic on both expressways is expected to drop 30 percent year-on-year ahead of the Qingming Holiday

2022-06-22 0 By

Information Times news (reporter Cheng Xiaozhen correspondent Zhong Yan Wei Yong) 2, Maozhan Expressway, Baomao High-speed issued travel guidelines for the Qingming Festival, is expected to return to the hometown peak will focus on today (April 2) afternoon, return peak will appear in April 5.Maozhan-zhanjiang Expressway (Guanzhu-Maoming interchange section).The qingming Festival holiday in 2022 will be from April 3 to 5. According to the relevant national regulations, highway tolls will be exempted for small buses with 7 seats and below from 0 o ‘clock on April 3 to 24 o ‘clock on April 5.Combined with the strict control of clan and gathering worship activities in Maoming and Zhanjiang, and the encouragement of the public to mourn at home or online, it is expected that the traffic flow on the Maozhan-Baomao expressway will drop by about 30% compared with the same period last year during this Year’s Tomb-sweeping Day.It is expected that the return traffic peak will mainly be on the afternoon of April 2, and the return traffic peak will be on April 5.The section with large traffic flow is the Maoming — Dachangkou Junction interchange section (connecting Baomao Expressway), and the exit stations with large traffic flow are Maoming Station, Aotou Station, Shuishui Station, Guandu Station and Dianbai Station of Baomao Expressway.During the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, all road-related construction projects in Maozhan-Baomao Expressway will be suspended except for emergency rescue.Due to the influence of the site containment control of some large construction sites, please pay more attention when passing through the following special road areas: Due to the requirements of the reconstruction and expansion project, the shoulder of the section from Maoming Interchange of Maozhan-Zhanjiang Expressway (Shenzhou-Haikou Expressway K3385+300M) to Dongpoling Junction Interchange (K3469+412M) has been closed, and the road surface is maintained with two-way four-lane traffic, and the speed limit is 80km/h.When passing by, please follow the traffic signs and slow down.Mao-zhanjiang Expressway to Guangzhou yangmei exit and entrance ramp due to the need of road paving asphalt, the implementation of fully closed construction.Vehicles driving from Zhanjiang to Guangzhou and need to get off the expressway at Yangmei exit can turn into Shanzhou-Zhanjiang Expressway (Huazhan section) from Linwu Junction interchange in advance, and then get off the expressway at the Da Qiao exit and reach Yangmei Town via G207 national Road and X623 county Road.Vehicles that need to travel from yangmei entrance to Guangzhou can detour to S285 provincial Road, X623 County Road, X661 County Road and Wuchuan Branch Road to Shallow Water Station and enter Maozhan Expressway.The road surface of guanzhu-Maoming Interchange reconstruction and expansion project of Maozhan-Zhanjiang Expressway has realized eight lanes of traffic in both directions. Please slow down the car to ensure safe driving at the junction of four-lane to two-lane traffic in the direction of Guangzhou and Zhanjiang.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: