Three middle school students: Good children, you are so brave

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An elderly man was left bleeding after falling down at the gate of dalonggang New Village in Gusu District of Suzhou, Jiangsu province.Three teenagers passing by, timely hand, to help the old man to deal with the wound, and called the ambulance.He brushed his clothes and left, resolutely refusing to leave his name.At around 2 p.m. on March 12, an elderly man fell to the ground on a sidewalk at the entrance to The new village in Dalonggang. His face was bleeding and he was unable to get up.A young man dressed in white walked quickly over to confirm that the old man was injured, called for two companions to help, and dialed 120.Under the telephone guidance of 120 dispatch personnel, the three teenagers treated the wound for the old man together, and helped him to the chair provided by the roadside business, until the ambulance arrived to carry the old man to the car, the three teenagers left.”The three boys are very warm-hearted and brave, but they still refuse to give their names, only saying that they are studying in Mito Middle School.”According to the doctor’s diagnosis, the old man did not harm, the old man’s family repeatedly thanked the three teenagers.The old man’s wife said to the camera, “These three children are very brave, so I am grateful to them, I want to thank them.” After the teacher of Suzhou Miidu Middle School confirmed that the three teenagers are Wu Mingchao, Jia Jiantong and Li Guotao of the third grade of the school.(The first one on the left is Li Guotao, the first one on the right is Jia Jiantong) (Wu Mingchao online class at home) Afterwards, the old man’s family and the three teenagers made a video call.After thanking them and wishing them well, they also received greetings from the three teenagers.”The three children are very sunny, honest, honest nature, good moral character, in the future encounter such a thing, I believe they will come forward.”Cao Xiaolan, a teacher from Miidu Middle School, delivered an “acceptance speech” on behalf of the three students who were taking online classes after learning that Alibaba “Positive Energy every day” and the media had awarded prizes to the three warm teenagers.”This is the Chinese teenager!” said netizens.”Positive energy said,” in a busy street, the old man suddenly fell down carelessly.Traffic, passers-by in a hurry, until the three of them saw, decisive step forward, lend a helping hand, dial 120, clean up the wound, warm heart guard…Treat them like family.The world of all kinds of beautiful, in a series of warm heart in the three young move, one by one, such as spring warm sun, stroke according to the heart.Alibaba Tiantan Positive energy together with Gusu Evening News, Suzhou Media Group crab video awarded Wu Mingchao, Jia Jiantong, Li Guotao Tiantan positive energy special award and 5000 yuan bonus behind the simple act of kindness, is the warm and pure hearts of three young people.They show us that in this warm city, there are always strangers willing to lend a hand to the helpless.Praise China’s good boy, may this kindness spread far and awaken more people’s tenderness and goodwill.- End – Zhnlali is from Ye Yongchun, a media reporter of Gusu Evening News