The difficulty of starting a car in winter may be due to several reasons

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There are many reasons for the difficulty in starting vehicles. Low temperature is the common reason for the difficulty in starting vehicles in winter.Under the low temperature environment, the chemical reaction of the battery will be slower than in summer and autumn, and the ignition speed of the vehicle will be affected.In addition, the quality of oil will also affect the start of the vehicle.Because the viscosity of inferior gasoline will become higher in the low-temperature environment, there may be blockage of the nozzle, gasoline filter and oil circuit and other phenomena, producing more carbon, so it will lead to the engine speed is not good, it is inevitable that the ignition is difficult.Therefore, in order not to affect the normal use of vehicles, we must go to the regular gas station.What are some common reasons that can lead to winter startup difficulties?We take a look at ~ 1, low battery power battery in the winter, it is not very durable, this is because the battery is lead-acid batteries, while lead-acid battery discharge time will be affected by temperature, the lower the temperature of discharge time will be relatively short, this makes the car battery power consumption in winter than in other seasons is much larger.This is like the same electric car, under the same charging method, the winter cycling distance is significantly shorter than the summer.Coping method: you can regularly check the working situation of the battery, such as the car battery voltage in about 13 volts is normal, if it falls to 11 volts or even lower, it means that the battery has been damaged, it has to be replaced in time.2. The air filter in the intake system is seriously blocked, which will lead to insufficient air intake and abnormal mixture ratio of automobile oil and gas, resulting in the phenomenon of vehicle startup difficulty.In addition, the throttle, intake valve or idling horse is too dirty can cause the vehicle to start difficult.Throttle can be said to be the throat of the car engine, its upper part is the air filter, the lower part is the engine cylinder block, if the throttle is too dirty, it will produce more carbon, not only will cause the vehicle ignition difficulties, but also affect the idle stability, serious will lead to throttle when the vehicle flout, affecting driving safety.Solution: It is recommended to clean the throttle every 15,000 km or so;Gasoline filters should also be replaced regularly depending on the situation, it is recommended to replace a gasoline filter every 40,000 kilometers;The nozzle should also be cleaned regularly.3, the flow rate of oil slows down in winter when the temperature is low, the viscosity of oil will increase as the temperature drops, resulting in the slow flow rate of oil, the increase of engine resistance, resulting in the difficulty of starting the car.Solution: regularly check the mileage of oil, shelf life, timely replacement, remember to use qualified oil, do not be cheap;Choose the right oil label, the owners of the north can choose the low temperature performance of the better oil, such as 0W, 5W oil, the south 10W can.In practice, we will always encounter different problems, but the way to solve the problem is to prevent in advance.For example, when winter comes, you can give your car a comprehensive maintenance, timely discovery and elimination of hidden dangers, only in this way, can really reduce the trouble of driving.The event will run from February 15, 2022 to February 28, 2022