Strategy version of The Three Kingdoms: Taiwei shield rampant but?Both sets of cavalry, the whiteboard is red

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Taiwei Shield as the version of the father, in the battlefield bullying, and whiteboard also has a good game experience.So today, the village will recommend you two sets of lineup, in a good fighting surface at the same time, but also effective against the Taiwei shield.First of all, we should make clear why taiwei shield is strong and where the advantages are in order to achieve effective targeting.First of all, let’s take a look at the environment. When the Taiwei shield faces the slow mage team, the three taiwei shield are highly intelligent, not so afraid, and the healing amount of full favor is very high, which can rely on the high healing amount + enough damage reduction toping.In the face of the rapid attack kitchen knife team, whiteboard with rattan armor, provides high blade reduction, full red belt troops and civilians, provides high damage reduction, can be very low battle damage to sima Yi’s breakout period, after the wave away.Advantages are obvious, disadvantages are also very obvious!That is very afraid of when the front!Because taiwei shield stability, is to rely on a command to support.As for a team with fire like the Meat bow, it can only be said to be bad.The reason is simple, the three opposite are highly intelligent teams, and charm is likely to give Lu Xun a weak, allowing Lu Xun to punch the air.Military and civilian taiwei shield, it is better for the village in the hands of taiwei I do not know a time was opposite the whiteboard Sun Taizhou low loss to eat.Pretty stiff, so to speak.Obviously, the stability of the taiwei shield depends on a command of the battle, so Sun Quan with the break, when the front.No matter who was taken to the front, it was a great blow to the Taiwei shield.When the front to Sima Yi, if it is 4, 6, 8 rounds, directly less a burst.When the front to full favor, aid effect directly ineffective, Sima Yi was directly exposed to the opposite fire, two rounds away is not difficult.When the front to Cao Cao can not be more, Sima Yi’s wounds, wounds, charm control all gone.That’s fish on the chopping block.Overall, taiwei shield as the version of the popular team, only one when the front can be broken.Here village man recommended everyone to do sun Taizhou cavalry, or when the tiger riding feng.(Ling Tong + Tai Shici + Zhou Tai).Can achieve effective restraint taiwei shield.Of course, some players said “Wei system can also effectively restrain Taiwei shield ah” village man that the wei system to eat the method of warfare, and small surface, so more recommended when the front commandos to play Taiwei shield, but also to ensure that certain use.If you have any other thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments or send a message.I am Zhuge villager, thank you for your likes and attention!