Guarantee supply and steady price!Shenyang city many departments many measures maximally satisfy the citizen life consumption demand

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On April 7, the Information Office of the Shenyang Municipal Government held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.Shenyang April 7, according to the Shenyang municipal government information office held a news conference on epidemic prevention and control, Shenyang city, multiple departments reported the latest situation of supply and price stability, to maximize the satisfaction of citizens’ living and consumption demand.Shenyang Commerce Bureau deputy director, news spokesman Li Bin announced: Shenyang vegetable daily consumption of 2370 tons.At present, the stock of vegetables in the three major vegetable wholesale markets is about 7,750 tons, and about 3,600 tons can be added to the market every day.The city’s 21 main vegetable production bases can be listed daily about 1750 tons of vegetables.The city now has 19,000 tons of frozen pork inventory, and about 6,800 pigs can be added to the market every day.The wholesale market of the city’s existing fruit inventory of 15,000 tons, can be added to the market every day about 4,600 tons.Generally speaking, the current shenyang grain, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and other important necessities of life and all kinds of easy storage food market inventory is sufficient, the follow-up supply is stable.In terms of retail terminals, the current supply of daily necessities in Shenyang has shown a running trend of “online procurement as the main, offline procurement as the auxiliary”.Li bin said that Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce will vigorously organize the supply of goods, accelerate the improvement of terminal distribution capacity, in the test of epidemic prevention and control, and constantly enhance the supply guarantee ability and resilience of daily necessities market, and strive to meet the needs of citizens’ life and consumption to the maximum extent in the special period of strict epidemic prevention and control.Recently, the epidemic prevention and control and the price of important livelihood commodities and epidemic prevention supplies in shenyang large wholesale market of edible agricultural products have also attracted attention.Li Xueliang, deputy director of shenyang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, said that in order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control measures and “vegetable basket” price supervision in Shenyang agricultural batch market, the municipal market supervision bureau has taken a series of measures to tighten control.Li Xueliang said, on the one hand, it is to establish a working mechanism, formulate “people, goods, vehicles, environment” all-round control plan and work template, the implementation of seven management services measures: for the large truck company passengers to provide management services;To do a good job of agricultural batch market management services;Do a good job of management and service for the admission of external personnel;To guide the management of disinfection, ventilation and environment in the market;Do a good job of food safety rapid testing and sampling inspection;Continue to strengthen risk control, strengthen the risk screening of imported fruits;Strict market environment monitoring and disinfection effect evaluation.At the same time, we will pay close attention to issues concerning people’s livelihood. We will strengthen price supervision over the vegetable basket through measures such as strengthening price supervision, intensifying law enforcement and case handling, and strengthening the combination of services and oversight.Li Xue, deputy director of shenyang Supply and Marketing Cooperative Council, said that during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government attached great importance to ensuring the supply and price of daily necessities for residents.In order to facilitate the public to buy fresh dishes, affordable dishes, safe dishes, the municipal government designated the municipal supply and marketing cooperatives to provide “affordable dishes” for community residents.Since April 4, the municipal supply and Marketing Cooperative has opened 151 sales points in 38 communities in Shenyang, starting the supply and marketing of “affordable dishes” supply work, selling at prices about 20% lower than the fresh retail market, focusing on solving the problem of difficult and expensive food for the masses in the closed and controlled areas.As of 18 o ‘clock on April 6, the city supply and Marketing cooperative has put 17,088 pieces of affordable vegetable bags into the market in three days, with a total weight of about 203,800 jin.Li Xue said that the next step, Shenyang Supply and Marketing Cooperative will focus on improving the supply capacity of “affordable dishes”, increase the purchase of local agricultural products, increase the supply and marketing of “affordable dishes” reserve;Attaching great importance to food safety during the epidemic prevention and control period, ensuring the safe and reliable supply and marketing of “affordable vegetables”;Focus on ensuring the supply of “affordable dishes” for residents in the sealed and controlled areas of the city.Relying on the online sales platform of “Community Convenient Supply and Marketing Association”, the company provided non-contact sales and distribution services of “affordable dishes” to more than 46,000 households in the sealed control area and some residents in the control area, making contributions to further smooth the microcirculation of “the last 100 meters” of daily necessities in Shenyang.(after)