Cheater painstakingly manage scam, one person cent is acted the role of anise, the police after the victim calls the police capture its that day

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“There are nine characters in a con, and eight of them are impersonators.”Recently, xinchang county public security Bureau city east police station uncovered a case involving the value of nearly 600 thousand yuan fraud case, suspect Stone uses micro letter trumpet to fabricate 8 fictitious characters out of thin air, around the victim Liu mou launched a carefully planned scam.The victim called the police on the same day, the suspect stone arrested.According to a replacement, from July to December, 2021, the use of WeChat trumpet have “create” enjoys a company chairman, general manager, deputy general manager, and other high-level and a hangzhou hospital expert doctor and so on a total of eight virtual character to establish contact with the victim ryu, and the victim is arranged with the “general manager wang mou” ryu play feelings, keep the good will of ryu,After “general manager Wang mou” hospitalization related expenses and other reasons, one after another from Liu swindled nearly 600,000 yuan.Liu, the victim, admitted that the other party’s realistic performance and a series of high-level company identity let her relax her guard.Later, she found the suspect Shi mou in a chance to switch wechat chat on the phone, only to find that they were cheated, and the police.The police remind the present fraud means emerge in endlessly, the masses in the funds transfer must be more verification, how long mind, do not fall into the “ambush”.From | east station source: xinchang public security