Chaozhuo Hangke IPO will pass

2022-06-21 0 By

Xiaocaimi noticed that on the evening of January 26, the science and Technology Board website announced that Hubei Chaozhuo Aviation Technology Co., LTD. (Chaozhuo Aviation) would be approved.Data show that since its establishment, The company has focused on the maintenance of airborne equipment, mainly engaged in the maintenance of pneumatic accessories, hydraulic accessories, fuel accessories and electrical accessories of military and civil aircraft.At the same time, the company after years of research and development innovation, through customized design, raw material supply chain and raw materials production line quality inspection system construction, the configuration of the metal powder and modification, the cold spraying process parameters of research and development as well as the suitability of the matrix material research, implements a variety of metal materials of high strength deposition, established company cold spraying material manufacturing technology system,The technology has been successfully applied in the field of body structure remanufacturing.In this meeting, the main questions asked by the Shanghai Municipal Committee are:Please issuer on behalf of the combination of r&d investment in the reporting period, the source of the core technology, core technical personnel composition, for li processing including technology depend on the actual controllers and main customers rely on, and so on and so forth, the embodiment of further illustrate the issuer technology advanced, the issuer of the continuous research and development ability and material manufacturing customized market space, information disclosure is sufficient.Sponsor representative please express a clear opinion.There is no need for further implementation.