23 points and 14 boards!Russell Westbrook is 1-for-6, carmelo Anthony is out, and the bench is 4-for-13

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The NBA regular season game, the lakers fought against pelicans, the game for both teams are playoffs crucial game, now has entered the end stage, the regular season the lakers was ranked 11th, the spurs 10th 0.5 games the lakers lead, pelican lead 9 1 games,This is a game the lakers can’t lose, and if they lose, the chances are slim. The schedule is too difficult.Lebron James, Davis, Howard, Bradley, Westbrook, Pelicans starting:Ingram, hayes, tile LanQiu nasri, Jones, CJ, the two teams have already finished the first quarter, a pelican lead 5 points, after the match began, the two teams have a lot of mistakes on the offensive end, game playing is relatively close, the pelican CJ hot, made three to four times, but the lakers feel is good, Bradley,Monk responded with back-to-back 3-pointers, and the Pelicans took the lead late in the game as the lakers’ reserves struggled, trailing by five after the first quarter.Game in the second quarter began, missed a little cic, gabriel to fill in the rebound score, layup response, James made two free throws a foul, the Marshall stroke score, S – Johnson reengineering foul two free throws, nantes, receive, receive ham ginobli dunk successful, pelican obtained 5 points lead, the lakers called a timeout,The lakers played well offensively during the stretch, but defensively they couldn’t contain the Pelicans.Pause after you come back, augustine hit three, graham jumpers respond, James’s singles layup McCollum, the pelican miss in a row, but the lakers also didn’t seize the opportunity, Mr Varin the basket hit and caused heavy eyebrows fouls, pelican maintained a slim lead, heavy eyebrows points in a row, the lakers to equalise, hayes dunk successful, McCollum stroke play board,The score was tied again with a dunk by Monk and a dunk by Lebron James, and McCollum’s driving layup at the buzzer gave the Pelicans 52-50 at halftime.James 15 points, five rebounds in the first half of the game, heavy eyebrows eight points, nine rebounds and 4 assists, less feel is poor, one of six shots appeared 2 turnovers, the lakers played poorly benches, 13 in 4, monk 6 2, augustine 4 in 1, S – 1 0 Johnson, gabriel 2 in 1, Anthony’s absence has a big influence to the team.