That’s great!I’ll tell you 15 things about dry futures

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That’s great!1. The movement of the market is made up of large and small waves. Futures traders should learn to move in a roundabout way and oppose straight line thinking.2 futures long short both turning points, that is, the key position, to rely on real ammunition.What is live ammunition?It is the data of turnover and holding quantity.3. A trader has to take three steps at a time to map out where things are going, from weak to strong.Market can be divided into the gestation period, outbreak period and end of three stages.Different stages do different things, use different techniques.4. How to learn to trade?Read with questions and purpose.Futures trading is not a problem, is the biggest problem.5. The resultant force of the market needs to be accurately grasped.Trend in the process of growing teams, good news, the market collective excitement is to make big money at the moment, then to hold.6. You can’t trade without forecasting!Nothing is more terrible than a man without an idea.7. A great trader can tell the stage and direction of an action at a glance.8. If the liquidity of the market is insufficient and funds are not willing to enter the market, there are few good opportunities and the market is poor continuously. At this time, it is not suitable to chase up and down.9. Manage your position and don’t bet on your opponent’s choice.The right thing to do is, whichever way the other side chooses is in my favor.10. People are the product of the environment. When the market linkage and resultant force are formed, it is the best time to enter the market.11. The leading variety is the seed, the trader is the land.When the land is full of vitality and flowers are in full bloom, the trend will be produced.12. Don’t make deals behind closed doors.The house needs Windows, and to listen is to open Windows.I didn’t care about space and breakeven ratio before I realized that other traders were right.13. Handle sharp problems in the process of trading, need a euphemistic attitude, do not completely deny others.Criticism should be honest, frank, and kind to others.14. Trading groups are divided into the left, middle and right, so as to solve the problem of both ends, to grasp the strongest and the weakest, to find the leading species, and to grasp the main contradiction.15. Communicating with traders of different styles is to get familiar with the characteristics of the market and constantly improve myself.Some traders do not know the concept of market maker, do not know what is the spread, do not know the quantitative trading model, do not know how much commission to pay every day, or even do not know who they want to make money.Call the futures company over the weekend to ask why the board is not moving today.Follow me, I have other trading articles and videos on my home page, let’s talk about trading!Futures # #