Nets thrown together?The 76ers asked the Nets to withhold Simmons’ salary, and simmons’ salary negotiation was exposed

2022-06-20 0 By

On April 3, Beijing time, the Nets lost the key game against the Hawks, officially lost the playoff spot, the Nets even have the possibility of missing the playoffs.Adding fuel to the nets’ woes was Simmons, who was fined heavily by the Sixers for refusing to play during his tenure.However, after the 76ers joined the Nets, such problems have not been solved, now the Nets are required to withhold Simmons salary, transfer to the 76ers, is really leaving the team also uneasy life.Simmons has now filed an arbitration claim against the Sixers seeking to recover the nearly $20 million in damages that were previously withheld from him, and several NBA reporters have reported on the details of the settlement.At the start of the season, the Sixers prepaid half of Simmons’ salary, and the sixers’ penalty for Simmons was deducted from the other half.Simmons was deducted $760,000 for every game he refused to play for the Sixers, and the NBA deducted $1.3 million for every game he missed, a sum that was untouchable to the average person.The question now goes to the Nets, who have been asked to withhold simmons’ salary and transfer it to them.The Sixers and Simmons are now at lopsided. the sixers believe simmons violated his contract by not playing for the Sixers, causing them great damage.Simmons blamed his mental health issues for his absence from many team activities, so the two sides were at an impasse.Unable to negotiate a settlement, Simmons took legal action to get his salary back. The salary dispute between Simmons and the Sixers is now in arbitration, and the outcome is unclear.But in the nets’ poor record, the team’s consecutive losing situation, Simmons not only can’t play against the Nets game, also added a lot of unnecessary trouble to the nets, really let a person quite helpless.Durant did his best, Ramadan on Kyrie’s side, simmons’ sidelined injury, and salary arbitration. The Nets are having a really bad season, but durant has had another hard year.Do you see any real role for Simmons in the Nets?(Text/ball attacker)