Ma Zhenxing presented a five-star civilized household sign to the villagers of Xindu Village

2022-06-20 0 By

On February 14, Ma Zhenxing, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of Fengcun Township, came to Xindu Village of Fengcun township and awarded the civilization sign to the star civilized households.It is understood that the star civilized household selection is reported by the village party branch, and then summarized by the Fengcun Township Party Committee, reported to the Salt Lake District spiritual civilization Steering Committee, get approval and then issued.Fengcun township received the star civilized household evaluation of a total of 847 households, including 393 three-star civilized households, four-star civilized households 210, five-star civilized households 244.Ma zhenxing personally sent the sign of the five-star civilized household to the villagers’ representatives, encouraging them to continue their efforts to carry forward the excellent Chinese cultural tradition and add bricks to the construction of spiritual civilization in The Salt Lake District.The villages should continue to increase the efforts to create civilization, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, effectively play the leading role of party members and cadres, through a variety of means such as competition, evaluation, recognition, inspection, encourage the masses to participate in the activities, boost the social development of Fengcun township, township civilization.