Beijing Winter Olympics “Hanbok controversy” incident just eased, the United States intervened, want to take the opportunity to provoke confrontation between China and South Korea

2022-06-20 0 By

The United States, which does not want to see better china-South Korea relations, once again fanned the flames in the field of public opinion.According to news on February 9, the charge d ‘affaires of the United States in South Korea recently said on social media gonghuo, referring to South Korea, kimchi, Korean dramas are easy to think of, of course, also include Hanbok.The U.S. charge d ‘affaires in South Korea posted a photo of himself wearing hanbok and showing his heart in both Korean and English, with the hashtag “Hanbok originated in South Korea.”When the “Hanbok controversy” incident of the Beijing Winter Olympics has just been eased, the intervention of THE US officials means that it once again incited the conflict of public opinion between China and the ROK.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, representatives of The Korean ethnic Group in China attended the national flag passing ceremony in national costume. It should have been a perfectly normal scene, but some South Korean netizens were shocked.South Korean Internet media claimed that it was an assault on South Korean culture, and the incident caused a considerable conflict between Chinese and South Korean public opinion.The Chinese Embassy in The ROK pointed out that China is willing to respect the Rok tradition and hopes that the ROK people can also respect the Chinese people’s feelings. The friendly atmosphere between China and the ROK has not come easily.In the history of Korean nationality in China, there is a tradition of national dress, which is in line with Korean traditional dress.Under the political ecology of South Korea, this historical connection between China and South Korea was hyped by some South Korean politicians who wanted to gain attention for the election. In addition, the hostile United States personally came to the ground to heat up the situation, and South Korea’s network public opinion was obviously deliberately ignited.This is undoubtedly not conducive to the development of China-ROK relations.The South Korean government has kept its head and urged its people to take an objective view, while the country’s sports and tourism minister, who is participating in the Winter Olympics for the South Korean team, urged politicians to separate sports from politics to avoid any impact on China-South Korea economic and trade cooperation.China and South Korea have long supported each other’s Olympic activities, and the South Korean speaker led a number of high-ranking south Korean officials at the Beijing Games.In history, China and South Korea have a long history of exchanges throughout the Han, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties.Under such circumstances, the relationship between China and South Korea not only has a long-standing historical complex, but also has the practical benefits of deepening economic cooperation year by year.However, due to the historical factors of US economic colonization and military garrison, South Korea’s national defense and economic lifeline lacked sufficient autonomy for a long time.Chaebol system in South Korea is very toxic, and great social pressure, and make South Korean people easy to be in a state of “emotional sensitivity”.South Korea is now the only country in the world with a fertility rate below 1.0, falling to a new low of 0.84.This reflects that under the double exploitation of western capital and domestic chaebol, Korean women are afraid of the word “birth”.And in The Beijing Winter Olympics, as South Korea in the short track speed skating event due to foul and defeat, suffered many South Korean people out of control, in addition to doubt the Beijing Winter Olympics without reason, will also point at The Chinese short track speed skating coach Jin Shantai, an Xianzhu.Korea media in recent days, according to the disclosure of South Korea’s sports are serious corruption in sports circles in South Korea to the study of 203, more than 75% of people said that Korea’s sports corruption case, false, bribery, and frequent interference in the results, and so on and so forth, and said that even if the upward feedback, are difficult to be solved, will also bring their own trouble.Kim coached the South Korean team at the Pyeongchang Olympics, helping South Korea break the embarrassment of not having a gold medal in Sochi.Ahn Hyun-soo, who helped South Korea win three gold MEDALS in a row at the Turin Winter Olympics, became a Russian citizen due to factional disputes in Korean men’s ice skating and started coaching the Chinese ice skating team at the invitation of Wang Meng in October last year.Whether it is the “curse of the Blue House” or the extreme social pressure of life, South Korea’s difficulties are obviously due to the “superior” United States in South Korea.The United States is the biggest source of South Korea’s “curse” in the fields of security, people’s livelihood and politics.