Three subway lines, namely Line 1 in the north, S8 in the south and Line 7, are expected to open to traffic by the end of the year

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The reporter learned from Nanjing Metro that Nanjing Metro Group recently issued the tender Announcement of the Special Test Project D.001.N-TE09 for the Opening trial operation review of Nanjing Metro Line 1 north Extension, S8 South Extension and Line 7 project.This means that the northern extension of Line 1, the southern extension of Line S8, and line 7 will be the next lines to open following the opening of the intercity line and the western extension of Line 2 on December 28 last year.Reporters learned from relevant departments that if the construction goes smoothly, the three lines are expected to be open to traffic by the end of the year.The northern extension line of Metro Line 1 is 6.5 km in length, with 5 new stations, all of which are underground stations. The starting point of the line is the existing Maigao Bridge station, and the intermediate stations are Xiaozhuang Station (transfer to Line 7), Jixiang ‘an Station, Yanziji Station, And Watoushan Station, and the end point is baguzhou Bridge South Station.The total length of line S8 south Extension project is 2.16 km, all of which are underground lines, including 2 underground stations.Line 7 starts at Xishanqiao and ends at Xianxin Road. The 35.49km underground line has 27 underground stations.Not long ago, pictures uploaded on the Internet showed that the station map of line 1 was updated, showing five stations of the northern extension of Line 1: Xiaozhuang station, Jixiang ‘an Station, Yanzi Station, Watoushan Station and Baguzhou Bridge South Station, which made many citizens think that the northern extension of Line 1 would be opened soon.The reporter learned from Nanjing Metro that the original picture is that Nanjing Metro plans to purchase more trains in the near future, adding the station of the North extension line of Line 1 into the route map to prepare for the future opening.At present, the newly purchased train is undergoing debugging, and the Metro Group has announced the bidding announcement of the special test items for the evaluation of the opening trial operation, which indicates that the line is not far from opening and running.Line S8 is the first nanjing metro line located in the north of the Yangtze River, connecting Pukou district and Liuhe District, greatly facilitating the travel of residents in jiangbei.The southern extension line of LINE S8 starts from Daqiao Station (the station will transfer with Line 11 in the future) and is located at the intersection of Daqiao North Road and Puzhu Road. After getting out of Daqiao Station, it will be laid along Daqiao North Road and set up Hongyang Square station at the intersection of Maofangchang Road. After getting out of the station, it will continue north to access the existing Taishan Xincun Station.The project also reserved long-term extension conditions, after completion will further improve the transportation system of Jiangbei, for the development of the national Jiangbei New Area is of great significance.Line 7 is nanjing’s first driverless subway line.Due to the influence of various factors such as the construction process, line 7 is not expected to be open to traffic this year, and it is likely that the northern section will be open to traffic at the end of this year. By then, yanziji, Yaohuamen, Dingjiazhuang, Xiaozhuang and other north sections will usher in the first subway line, and the “subway shortage” in the north of the city will be broken.It is reported that the northern section of Line 7 will be operated from Shogun-West Road station to Xianxin Road (Hwangfangcun – Machien Home depot), and the shogun-west Road station may be turned back without passengers.